Executive Board

Executive Board Members

Position   Name / Email   Phone
Chair   Halei Watkins   509.230.9643
1st Vice Chair   Jesse Piedfort   206.947.6529
Secretary   Michael Kasprzak   206.383.4003 
Treasurer   Chessie Snider   206.605.3617
State Committeewoman   Elizabeth (Betsy) Walker   253.222.4653
State Committeeman   Javier Valdez   206.548.9510
KCDCC Female Delegate   Kathryn (Katy) Ozog   814.360.8332
KCDCC Male Delegate   Andrew Everett   253.720.0791
KCDCC Female Alternate   Chelsea Saunders   425.218.2036
KCDCC Male Alternate   Lawrence (Larry) Smith   206.579.7024
Officer At Large   Julie Anne Kempf    
Officer At Large   Phillippa Kassover   206.245.8217
Officer At Large   Alan Zelt
Officer At Large   Sarajane Siegfriedt   206.440.5829 
Officer At Large   Anna E Borris   808.895.3503
Officer At Large   Maris Abelson    
Officer At Large   Hunter Brown    
Officer At Large   Marty Ross    
Officer At Large   Erika Krebs    

Note: We do currently have three Officer At Large positions open, reach out to chair@46dems.org if you're interested in joining the Executive Board team, or serving on one (or more!) of our many committees. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and we're always looking for new people.

Committees and Other Positions

Committee    Chair / Email   Phone
PCO Coordinators   Chelsea Saunders   425.218.2036  
PCO Coordinators   Anna E Borris   808.895.3503  
Election   Betsy Walker   253.222.4653
Platform & Resolution   Sarajane Siegfriedt   206.440.5829
Bylaws    Larry Smith   206.579.7024
Tally   Julie Anne Kempf    
Membership   Kathryn (Katy) Ozog   814.360.8332
Program   Alan Zelt   425.381.7014
Raymond T. Cole Fund   Norma Miller    
Community Outreach   Andrew Everett   253.720.0791
Inclusion & Affirmative Action   PENDING    
Technology    Erika Krebs    
Communications   Lori Shelden    
Legislative Action   OPEN    
Finance   OPEN    

Please direct any questions regarding committees without a chair to the district chair.