April Meeting

Thursday, April 20th, 7:00 pm

Seattle Mennonite Church
3120 NE 125th St.
Seattle, WA  98125 

Refreshments and Socializing: 6:30pm
Meeting begins: 7:00pm

Aside from the normal business conducted, we will be hosting our first candidate forum of the year! More details on the offices being represented at the forum and candidates participating will be coming out shortly. For questions related to the forum, please email alzelt@outlook.com. For questions related to the rest of the meeting, please email chair@46dems.org.

Check back on 46dems.org for an agenda.

Calling All Union Members!

One lesson from the last presidential election was the fact that our candidate did not get as much support from organized labor as she needed. Exit polls and stories from around the country made the same points. Democrats didn’t have real plans to get more people back to work or better paid. That we ignored labor. Never mind that her opponent told lies to get their votes. It worked. So now, we must really go out and earn the respect and vote of organized labor. And this means we must do it for the next four years, not just when we have a candidate to elect.

We are considering a program to present at one of our general meetings whereby we actively reach out to our union brothers and sisters. To prepare for that, I would like to hear from union members in our 46th Dems. If you are a union member, please contact me. I want to hear what you think.  What can we do to make unions stronger in Washington, and nationally?  I mean this on an every-day basis, not just at election time. Ultimately, it will greatly aid in our effort to win the next presidential election, as well as turn some GOP House seats Blue, along with WA. State Legislative seats blue around this state. Remember, we can’t get our platforms enacted in Olympia and Washington D.C. without electing many more Dems. And that will not happen without organized labor on our side. And we on their side. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Alan Zelt         

Program Committee Chairman


March Meeting Recap

We put our energy into action at the 46th!

At our recent general meeting focused on Homelessness and Gentrification, we heard from community organizers about their programs and how we can help.

Kristine from ROOTS reminded us to thank our State delegation (Rep. Jessyn Farrell, Senator David Frockt and Rep. Gerry Pollet) for supporting the continuance of the Document Recording Fee (HB 1640), which directly funds affordable housing. Kristine also urged us to ask our delegation to help get HB1867 out of committee and passed.  This bill would allow young people more than one chance to get support by extending foster care.

Krista Cossalter from Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets explained how the shelter she serves provides case management and chuckled that she spent time memorizing the legislative issues that Kristine had mentioned. Ha! She was also able to shed light on SHB 1855 which, if passed would allow foster, homeless, and at risk children to obtain their GED even if their circumstance have forced them to move from high school to high school, each with different graduation requirements.

Bypolar, serving The Block, spoke about the Survival Program that brings food to people who don't have access to vehicles. He also described the Department of Justice’s National Weed and Seed Program in the 90s designed to uproot the poor, place them in the heartflow zone of Rainier, and transplant wealthier people into more Central parts of Seattle, explaining that "this is still happening today with the attempted illegal eviction of Omari Tahir at the Umojafest Peace Center, a center that historically has been for black people." He encouraged 46th LD members to follow this topic in the press and take responsibility for our actions.

Thank you to speakers from March meeting.

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