Feb. 19 - Nevada Debate Watch, Environmental Caucus, + Regular Meeting

We have an exciting week, folks!

Monday (today) features an appearance by Sen. Bernie Sanders at the Tacoma Dome that many of you may be attending – doors open at 4:30pm, program starts at 6pm and no reservation is required. 

Wednesday is our district’s regular meeting night with SO MUCH happening.  Keep reading for more information. 

Saturday is the Nevada State Democratic Caucuses, The King County Rise and Organize training, and a visit from Sen. Elizabeth Warren.  Click on any of the names of the events for more information.

Wednesday night is the night of our regular meeting, but we will be opening early for a debate watch and postcard writing party at Elliott Bay Brewery, at 12537 Lake City Way NE. 

Our Environmental Caucus also meets that night, right before the meeting at 5:30pm.

Wednesday night is also the night of the next Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Debate, this time live from Las Vegas, Nevada.  We will also write another big batch of postcards for anyone who wants to participate in outreach to some of our most difficult addresses – apartment and condo buildings!

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New Hampshire Watch and Postcards to Voters Party! Tuesday, Feb 11, evening

Donald Trump gave his 2020 State of the Union on Tuesday.

Hopefully it will be his last one.

He refused to shake the hand of the Speaker of the House, took credit for the turnaround in the economy which had been put in motion by the Obama administration.  He bragged about assassinating a foreign leader in violation of international law, and took delight in the prospect of further eliminating options for women to make their own reproductive health choices.

It was an hour and a half of lies, backward thinking, manipulative reality TV moments, and attacks on women and our Democracy.

After listening closely to his braggadocio and falsehoods, one thing is certain: Trump will continue to deceive the American people and disgrace our democracy -- while Democrats have our neighbors’ backs on the issues that matter most.

Without a doubt, the 2020 Election has begun.

We have no choice but to do all that we can to get this president out of the White House and elect Democrats up and down the ticket.

Here in the 46th District, we are starting 2020 with a Presidential Primary outreach party next Tuesday (2/11) evening! 

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Monthly General Meeting - February 19th, 2020

Please Join us for our next General Monthly Meeting!


Wednesday, February 19, 2020  -  Doors open 6:30, meeting 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Environmental Caucus Meeting to meet at same location 5:30pm - 6:30pm


Elliot Bay Brewing Company 12537 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125, USA


Program: Special Ballot Drop Day