Community Meeting with Councilmember Debora Juarez

Connect with Councilmember Juarez and your cross-district neighbors, including discussion of priorities identified in our previous forum.  We will also have introductions from various D5 community groups.  

Light refreshments will be served.  Hope to see you there!
For more information and to RSVP please visit Facebook!


Upcoming February General Meeting 2018

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next General Meeting!  You can RSVP on Facebook

The Environment and Climate Caucus of the 46th LD Democrats is pleased to announce the program for our February 15, 2018 general membership meeting- a panel of community leaders will discuss Climate Change - What We Can Do! Our discussion will focus on pending and recent state legislation, a state ballot initiative, resolutions supported by the Washington State Democrats, and actions you can take now! Speakers will also respond to audience questions.

Please join us to welcome:

Aiko Schaefer- Aiko is the Director of Front & Centered, a statewide coalition of community of color organizations and leaders shaping statewide public policy decisions. She is also the Co-Chair of the Steering Committee of the Alliance for Jobs & Clean Energy, a broad-based coalition working to put a ballot measure to address climate change before voters this November. Aiko has spent more than 20 years engaging other people of color and those with lower incomes to advocate for equity and justice. She was the founding Director of the Statewide Poverty Action Network, Washington State’s largest anti-poverty advocacy organization. She has also served the Communications and External Relations Director of the Washington State Budget & Policy Center and was an invited Lecturer and faculty member of the University of Washington for 7 years. Aiko has lived in Maple Leaf/46th LD for 16 years with her husband and two children. 

Jamie Margolin- Jamie is a 16-year-old climate justice ambassador with Plant for the Planet. She’s a plaintiff on the Our Children’s Trust Youth v. Government lawsuit in Washington state, where she and other youth are holding the WA State government accountable for the future they are leaving for her generation. She’s also the founder and executive director of Zero Hour, a youth led emergency climate action movement, delivering demands to leaders for exactly what it will take to ensure youth a livable future. They are planning a major student mobilization in DC this summer and an accompanying direct action to tell our leaders that generation Z has had enough and that it’s zero hour to act on climate!

Ken Lans- Ken is a founding member of Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility (WPSR) and a retired general practice physician. He first became involved with WPSR as one of the founding chapter board members in 1979 upon moving here just after finishing medical school. Ken has become increasingly concerned about the threat of climate change. He completed public action and speaking training through Climate Reality Project and regularly puts that training to use as a member of WPSR’s Climate Change Task Force. He also represents WSPR in the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy.

Jesse Piedfort (Moderator)- Jesse is the Director of the Sierra Club Washington State Chapter and a former Executive Board member of the 46th LD Democrats. He’s also on the Advisory Board for the Washington Democracy Hub, which seeks to create a long-term movement agenda for democracy reform in Washington State. He is a native Washingtonian who loves the outdoors (especially fly fishing) and has a commitment to working at the intersection of climate, equity, and justice.

Doors open at 6:30! The program is from 7:00 to 7:40 and will be followed by the 46th LD Democrats general meeting. Please come early- many local environmental organizations will join us at tables before the meeting to share information about their missions and plans for the upcoming year!

Demogram January 2018

The latest January Demogram is here!


January Demogram

Nov 2017 General Meeting Minutes

The November 2017 General Meeting Minutes are now online for you!

Opposing the Tacoma LNG Gas Facility

Please take a moment to read the most recent resolution

opposing the Tacoma LNG Gas Facility!

2017 Holiday Party


The 46th District Democrats
Cordially invite you to our
Annual Holiday Party & Auction FUNdraiser

Sunday, December 3rd
Doors Open at 5:30 PM 
Dinner at 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

at the Meadowbrook Community Center

*  Dinner & Wine

* Silent & Live Auctions*
(If you have an auction item, there's still time to include it!  Please contact

*  Raffle

*  Visit with your 46th LD Friends & Neighbors!

*  Kids Activities

*  Meet Elected Officials & VIPS!

*  Loads of Fun!

 Suggested Donation: $25 Individuals, $40 Families

Please RSVP using our *FREE* Eventbrite tickets, so we can order appropriate amounts of food.  Please click on the link below:

Meadowbrook Community Center
10517 35th Avenue, NE Seattle, WA 98115

Free Parking + Bike Racks 

On the 65 bus route, which connects with the U-District, Lake City and Northgate (as the 67)


Sign the Petition: Please Support our Detained Student

Sign the Petition: Please Support our Detained Student

A message from Angelina Godoy, Helen H. Jackson Chair in Human Rights and Director of the Center for Human Rights:

As you may know, a UW undergraduate is currently imprisoned in the immigration detention center in Tacoma; students in the Law School are representing him, fighting for his right to stay in this country to continue his studies and serve as a parent to his three-month-old daughter. Members of the broader UW community can help by signing and circulating this petition asking for his release while awaiting the government's final determination in his case.

Bangally Fatty is an International Studies major in the Jackson School, and was enrolled for fall quarter at the time of his detention in September. He first came to the U.S. from the Gambia to attend college in Florida 15 years ago, but when he ran into financial troubles he became the victim of a labor trafficking ring. He spent several years in difficult economic and personal circumstances, including short-term homelessness. During this period he had a number of legal problems as well. He eventually met his wife, Rebecca, a nurse at Harborview, and decided to turn his life around; he enrolled in community college, transferred to UW, and was an outstanding student in my 100-student human rights class in winter 2017. His daughter was born this summer. 

UW Law students enrolled in the immigration law clinic have applied for a T visa (for victims of trafficking) on Bangally's behalf. They are filing requests this week for his release on bond, so that he can continue his studies and parenting while awaiting USCIS' decision on his T visa application. 

Bangally's case is also important because of the message our reaction -- or lack thereof -- sends to other students. While it seems unlikely he's the first student in the entire university who has faced deportation, he is the first who has come to the attention of the institution; others may have simply disappeared from our classes without explanation. At a time when many of our students feel unsafe in light of current events, it is essential that we stand up as a community in support of our own members. 

Bangally is a valued member of our community, has been an exceptionally conscientious student, and especially because he is the first of our students to be facing deportation, it is important that our community stand by him in asking for his release while his case is pending, so that he can continue his education and parenting responsibilities.

There will likely be other opportunities to support Bangally, for example by attending his hearing, but right now this is the most urgent. A strong response from our community may affect the outcome of the case, as we've seen in other instances across the country where communities rose up in defense of their members.

I hope UW can be such a community.

Angelina Godoy


To sign the petition, please follow the link above, or click here. 

Demogram November 2017

The latest November Demogram is here!


Demogram November 2017

Check out the November Demogram

Demogram October 2017

Read up on the latest October 2017 Demogram!October_2017_Demogram.png 

PCO Training Days

Fall is in the air, pumpkin spice is back, the Seahawks are rocking CenturyLink Field, and election season is again upon us. I try to avoid sending extra email but there are so many important dates coming up I want to make sure you are all in the loop and ready to go for GOTV this fall! 

We have two more upcoming trainings. These trainings are open to anyone but the content is geared towards PCOs. (Bring a friend!) 

- Votebuilder/miniVAN for PCOs - Saturday October 7th- Northgate Library - 1 - 3 pm

- PCO 101- Saturday October 21st - Northgate Library - 1:30 - 3:30 pm   

We will try and video all trainings and post them online, in addition to adding more helpful resources to our website, so make sure to check for more information. 





Please plan in advance to carve out a few minutes on Oct. 14th to pick up your walk packet. We will be handing out materials ALL DAY at the home of Andrzej Montano located at 3904 NE 105th St. Seattle, WA 98125 (the corner of 105th and 39th) in Meadowbrook. We expect all PCOs and Acting PCOs to commit to walking their precinct, either themselves or by committee, or finding someone to make sure their precinct is covered. We are committed to reaching our goal of knocking on 15,000 doors in the 46th and the sooner we reach our goal, the sooner we can double down on our efforts to flip the state senate in the 45th and 31st LDs.
Here are some FAQs that might help you prepare for fall GOTV. I will be posting additional FAQs on the website. If you have any additional questions you can always reach me at or (206) 201-1714. PCOs in Kenmore and Lake Forest Park can also contact their local Canvass Captains (Marty Ross (LFP)pmross00@yahoo.com206-679-4289 & Debra Srebnik (Kenmore)debras98@frontier.com206-853-2607) for additional support.
Q: I'm going to be out of town in late October, when do I need to have the voterguides distributed by?
A: You can distribute voterguides from the day you pick up your packet (Oct. 14th) right up until Election Day (Nov. 7th). While we highly recommend getting your precinct done as early as possible, many voters wait to the last minute to turn in their ballots so it's always useful no matter when you find the time. As long as you have a few hours over those three weeks, you should be fine.
Q: I've never canvassed before or I'm nervous about canvassing, is it possible to have someone from the district show me the ropes?
A: Yes! We are launching a buddy program to pair experienced canvassers with new or nervous canvassers. Also, sometimes it's just more fun to canvass with a friend! If you would like to have a buddy assigned to you or if you would like to volunteer to be a buddy. Please e-mail me at
Q: I am able to walk my precinct, but I don't have transportation to come pick up my packet. Is it possible to have it dropped off for me?
A: Yes! Although we really encourage everyone who is able to come on the 14th to set aside a few minutes to swing by, we fully appreciate that that is more accessible for some than others. If you are committed to walking your precinct, I am committed to doing whatever I can to support you. Give me a heads up and I can plan accordingly.
Q: I picked up my packet but I will not be able to walk my precinct/finish my list, what should I do?
A: Shoot me an email (, call me (206-201-1714), or send me a text. We will work with you to see what the best course of action is on a case by case basis. Remember, walk packets do not have to be finished in a day or even a week, I understand better than most what it means to be a busy professional with a multitude of commitments. I personally will probably have to break my precinct up over a few weekday evenings in order to finish my list working around my work schedule. Also, remember the "C" in PCO is for committee! You aren't expected to go it alone. Start thinking about like-minded family, friends, neighbors, etc. who can help you divide and conquer your turf. Meet a passionate dem looking to get involved while you are door-belling? Sounds like you now have the beginnings of a committee!
Q: I will not be able to walk my precinct between Oct. 14th and Nov. 7th, what should I do?
A: While we expect PCOs to walk their precincts as part of our get out the vote effort, I understand that that's not always feasible. Life happens! However, the sooner you let me know the better. I appreciate any help you can give me to find someone else to help cover that neighborhood. In many cases I may know of another member of the 46th or volunteer who might be willing to step in. It really helps to communicate early and you will save me the follow up calls/texts/e-mails trying to determine your status.
Q: There are check boxes on my walk list. Should I be taking notes? What do I do with this information when I am done walking my precinct?
A: Yes! We are collecting all information gathered in the course of this canvass. Please keep track of who you are talking to and what their responses are, either directly on your walk lists, or in miniVAN. Please remember to "sync" your data if you are using minivan. Completed walk lists can be brought to our general membership meetings in October and November. Information is power, and we need all the good data we can get to prepare for 2018!
Q: What is miniVAN and how to I get/use it?

A: miniVAN is an app you can download on most smartphones and tablets where you can upload your walk list, map your precinct, record your data, and sync your information back to me. This helps not only me, but all the local campaigns get real time feedback on who has voted, who plans to vote, etc. It also saves us from having a mountain of data entry after the election. I highly, highly recommend everyone take ten minutes before Oct. 14th to download miniVAN and play around with it. There is a step by step powerpoint on our webpage that will walk you through downloading and using miniVAN with easy to follow screenshots. We will also be discussing miniVAN at all PCO trainings and really digging in to it at the training on Oct. 7th.

Q: How do I get access to votebuilder?

A: Send an e-mail request to and I will grant access on a rolling basis. Please keep in mind that once I send the link to activate your account, you need to open the link within 48 hours or I will have to resend. Through votebuilder, you can see information on registered voters in your precinct, launch phonebanks, create walklists, etc. For the pre-general election GOTV canvass, all the lists and information you will need will be provided to you in your walk packet. However, many of you might want to have access to votebuilder to follow along with the trainings or for future use so I'm happy to set that up for you. 

Q: I finished walking my precinct is there anything else I can do to help?

A: YES YES YES! We are the Fighting 46th and if the Republicans are too scared to bring the fight to us, we are going to bring the fight to them! The time is now to go on offense! There are two key state senate races we will be organizing days of action in leading up to the general election: Manka Dingra in the 45th and the Michelle Rylands in the 31st. We will be sending out follow up e-mails with more details and updating the calendar on the 46th website ( You can also reach out to me or our action day coordinator Katy Ozog at

Happy Canvassing!

In Solidarity,

Anna Borris
PCO Coordinator/E Board Member At-Large


How do you change voters' minds? Have a conversation.