Application for PCO

Appointed PCO & Election Captain (Acting PCO) Applications

If you are interested in becoming a PCO in the 46th District, follow these steps:

  1. Find your precinct on King County Elections by entering your address, clicking Find, then taking note of the Precinct under My Voting Districts.
  2. Using that precinct, check the list of PCOs at King County Democrats to see if your precinct already has a PCO.
    1. If you see a PCO listed for your precinct, it means your precinct is filled, but you can still file to be an Acting PCO of a nearby, vacant precinct by filling out the Election Captain Acting PCO Application.
    2. If your precinct isn't listed, that means your precinct is vacant! You can become an Appointed PCO by filling out the Appointed PCO Application.
  3. Fill out your appropriate paperwork, and submit to our Chair, Halei Watkins, at
  4. If it's approved, we can appoint you at the next monthly meeting, where you may have an opportunity to speak about your goals as a PCO.