46th District Document Central

Members of the 46th District Democrats should bookmark this page, as this is where most of the district documents they are looking for have a home.  Here members will find an email address to request our Bylaws, they will also find links to our Endorsement Rules, our Platform, and our passed, pending, and proposed Resolutions.

While we will seasonally link documents to other sub-pages on this site, this is the permanent place to locate most of the documents you may be seeking.

We survived a vendor meltdown with our website in December 2015, so documents from farther back than January 2016 must be located in our archives which are not connected to this website.  Please email with specific requests.


Materials for April 22, 2020 Meeting:

Members of the 46th District Democrats will find the materials they need for the online meeting at 7:00pm on Wednesday, the 22nd of April, 2020.

If you don't see what you are looking for, please send a message to 

More tools and documents will be added up to the day of the meeting. 

Click on the title of each document to view, download, and/or print.

1.  DRAFT meeting minutes from February 19, 2020 meeting

2.  Original endorsement rules proposal from February 19, 2020 meeting

3.  Proposed Agenda, Proposed one-time standing rules for debate, Proposed video meeting rules (equivalents for in-person meeting motions)

4.  Voters Guide to motions in process and to be considered at the April 22 meeting

5.  Roberts Rules of Order reference guide in brief

6.  Reference chart for equivalencies:  In Person meeting = Video meeting

46th District Bylaws:

We currently do not have our Bylaws at an active link, as we have endured activities and attacks by an hostile actor.

Any member in good standing (all PCOs and members whose dues or dues waiver is current) of the 46th District Democrats may promptly receive a copy of the district bylaws. Please request one at


46th District Endorsement Rules:

Please click on Appropriate Year -

2020 Proposed Endorsement Rules

2019 Endorsement Rules

2018 Endorsement Rules

2017 Endorsement Rules

2015-2016 Endorsement Rules and Questionnaires


46th District Platform

2018 46th District Democrats Platform

2016 46th District Democrats Platform 


46th District Budget

2020 Proposed Budget   (only Available Until February 20)