2020 Endorsements

Your voting guides for the Primary 2020:

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46th District Democrats 2020 Primary Voting Recommendation Summary

In the order the races appear on your Primary ballot:

US Representative – Congressional District 1 (Kenmore):  Suzan DelBene

US Representative – Congressional District 7 (Lake Forest Park and Seattle):  Pramila Jayapal

Governor:  Jay Inslee

Lieutenant Governor:  Denny Heck OR Marko Liias (dual endorsement – vote for only one)

Secretary of State:  Gael Tarleton

Treasurer:  Mike Pelliccotti

Auditor:  Pat McCarthy

Attorney General:  Bob Ferguson

Commissioner of Public Lands:  Hilary Franz

Superintendent of Public Instruction:  Chris Reykdal

Insurance Commissioner:  Mike Kreidler

46th District State Representative, Position 1:  Gerry Pollet

46th District State Representative, Position 2:  Javier Valdez


All candidates recommended in the 2020 Primary either directly endorsed by the 46th District Democrats, or appearing on the Washington State Democrats Voter Recommendations Roster for the 2020 Primary

Congratulations to the candidates endorsed on the evening of May 20th!



Member of Congress, District 1:  Suzan DelBene

Member of Congress, District 7:  Pramila Jayapal


Lieutenant Governor:  (dual) Denny Heck and Marko Liias

Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands: Hilary Franz

State Supreme Court, Position 6: G. Helen Whitener

State Representative, Position 1:  Gerry Pollet

State Representative, Position 2:  Javier Valdez


King County Superior Court, Position 13:  Hillary Madsen

King County Superior Court, Position 26:  David Keenan

King County Superior Court, Position 30:  Doug North