How do I become a PCO?

How do I become a PCO?

How do I become a PCO?

What Is A PCO?

A Precinct Committee Officer (or PCO) is the elected Democratic Party official representing an electoral precinct under state law. Their primary responsibility is to represent their precinct in the 46th Legislative District Organization and on the King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC), and to make thoughtful choices as they vote on party governance issues.  

We also rely upon PCOs to knock on their neighbors’ doors prior to each election to remind them to vote and provide materials on endorsed candidates. PCOs also serve as leaders and organizers for voters in their precinct, and keep current on internal and external party issues by attending monthly business meetings.  

During the COVID-19 crisis, we have been using at new, safe, socially distanced ways to reach our voting neighbors.  We will return to in-person contact gradually, following all recommendations by public health authorities.

All Democratic PCOs in the 46th Legislative District participate in electing the leadership of the 46th District Democrats and the KCDCC, including the chair, vice chairs, state committee members, treasurer, secretary, and other officers. 

In short, Precinct Committee Officers are the backbone of our Party.


Who is my PCO?

We can provide you with the name and contact information of your PCO, or the fact that your precinct is vacant, if that is the case.  To locate your precinct, please send your legal name (as you are registered to vote), and your precinct if you know it.  If you don't know your precinct, we can identify it for you.  Please send your inquiries to [email protected] 

Spring 2022 Update: Please be aware that all of the legislative districts are currently in the middle of once every ten years re-districting, and that the boundaries of the legislative districts, and in some cases, of precincts themselves, are shifting.  This means that we do not have a complete list of PCOs available at the current time - we are still receiving and compiling PCO information in the "new" parts of the district.    

Information is accurate up to a reasonable timeframe, as there is a two-step approval process for PCOs in King County, under state law.   There is customarily is about a one month transition period between a PCO being appointed at a 46th district meeting, and the appointment moving through the KCDCC process. 


Two ways to become a PCO:

Elected PCO:  During the Primary Election of every even-numbered year, an individual may file with King County Elections to be elected as PCO for the precinct in which they are registered to vote.  If more than one person files in a precinct, those names will be placed on the ballot and the Democratic voters in that precinct will choose whom to elect.  If only one person files, they are automatically elected.  They serve a two-year term beginning December 1st of the year they are elected. 


Appointed PCO:  An PCO can be appointed to fill a vacancy.  Just as with other elected offices, a vacant PCO office may be filled by the governing authority for the office and jurisdiction.  Thus,  on recommendation of the other 46th LD PCOs, the District Chair may appoint a PCO to a vacant  in their precinct.  A second approval by the King County chair completes the process. These PCOs serve from the date of their appointment until the end of the two-year PCO term (November 30th of each even-numbered year.)


Becoming A PCO 

If you are interested in filling a vacant precinct, please  follow these steps.  fill out a  PCO appointment form and email the form and a brief introduction to our Vice Chair at [email protected]


  1. Contact our PCO Committee Chair at [email protected], to confirm that your precinct has a vacancy.
  2. Once a vacancy is confirmed, fill out a PCO appointment form, and return it to [email protected] 
  3. The district will vote to recommend you as a PCO at the next monthly meeting.
  4. The district chair will formally appoint you upon recommendation of the body.
  5. If two applications come in the same month, we are required to hold an election with our membership between the two candidates.



Special Voting Rights of Elected and Appointed PCOs:

Under state law and Party rules, Elected and Appointed PCOs have special voting rights on some issues and in some internal elections.

Reorganization Meetings: Elected PCOs play a special role at the biennial Reorganization meetings of the 46th District Democrats and the King County Democrats.  Only Elected PCOs may vote for the Chair of these organizations, some other officers, and on bylaws amendments of each, under state law and the WSDCC Charter and Bylaws.  The King County Democrats reorganization meeting occurs in early December of an even-numbered year, and the 46th District Democrats reorganization meeting occurs the following January.

Statutory Officer Vacancies and Bylaws revisions:  During the course of a term, vacancies in statutory or representative offices of the district may occur.  These offices are Chair, Vice Chair, the state committee members, and the KCDCC executive board representatives.  These offices may only be filled by vote of the existing elected and appointed PCOs at the time of the vacancy.  Bylaws revisions mid-term are allowed under the Bylaws, but must be by a two-thirds vote of the existing elected and appointed PCOs.

Legislative Vacancies: In the event of a vacancy in one of the three legislative seats in the middle of a term, a special meeting will be called by the Chair of the King County Democrats where Elected and Appointed PCOs will nominate three individuals to fill the vacancy.  The King County Council will then appoint one of these three individuals to complete the rest of the legislative term.

Please Note: Unfortunately, Acting Precinct Coordinators do not have any of the special voting privileges noted above.  All dues-paying  or dues-waived members of the 46th District Democrats in good standing may vote on other decisions, including endorsements, resolutions, and most officer positions.

Appointed PCO & Acting Precinct Coordinator Applications

If you are interested in becoming a PCO in the 46th District, follow these steps:

  1. Find your precinct on the King County Elections Website by entering your address, clicking Find, then taking note of the Precinct under My Voting Districts.
  2. Using that precinct, check the list of PCOs at King County Democrats to see if your precinct already has a PCO. 
    1. If you see a PCO listed for your precinct, it means your precinct is filled, but you can still file to be an Acting Precinct Coordinator of a nearby, vacant precinct by filling out the Acting Precinct Coordinator Application. 
    2. If your precinct isn't listed, that means your precinct is vacant! You can become an Appointed PCO by filling out the Appointed PCO Application.
  3. Fill out your appropriate paperwork, and submit to our Vice Chair at [email protected]
  4. If it's approved, we can appoint you at the next monthly meeting, where you may have an opportunity to speak about your goals as a PCO.

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