Who We Are

Who We Are

We are our elected officials.  We are our candidates. We are all volunteers.  We are your co-workers. We are your friends.  We are your neighbors.

We are the activists who knock on doors in neighborhoods from the University District to Haller Lake and the voters who make their voices heard each election.  We stand up for the marginalized and the voiceless among us. We join arms with allies to fight against injustice and fight for equity. We are engaged in our communities and we are committed to a brighter future for all of us. 

We believe in inclusion, that unity is better than division, that we are stronger and better when everyone has an equal shot at living up to their potential.  We believe diversity is a source of strength and that inequality is a threat to democracy itself. We believe it’s important to stand up for your beliefs. We believe in the power of individuals working together to make great progress against incredible odds.

We believe in you.  Will you join us?

What We Do

Our goal is to increase political participation and civic involvement in the District by educating residents about the principles of the Democratic Party and empowering residents to support campaigns that reflect Democratic values.  We endorse candidates and ballot measures that reflect the priorities of the District and the platform, policies, and values of the Democratic Party. We fundraise and provide funds and organizational support to advance Democratic campaigns and candidates that support our values through Get Out The Vote (GOTV) organizing, voter registration, and education.

Our Purpose

The 46th Legislative District is one of the state legislative districts in King County. We elect two Representatives and one Senator from the district to the Washington State Legislature. Our primary role as a district organization is to encourage grass-roots Democratic activism in our community by filling precincts (small multi-block areas of the district) with committed Democrats, also called Precinct Committee Officers or PCOs, who will take the responsibility for turning out the vote and educating voters within that precinct. We also play a role in selecting delegates to the county, state, and national Democratic conventions.

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of every month to consider any district business, to hear great speakers, to discuss important issues facing our community, and also to just interact with each other. Check our Calendar for the next meeting! We hope to see you at a district meeting soon.                                                                                                          

Our Neighborhoods

The 46th District includes all or part of the following neighborhoods: Bitter Lake; Cedar Park; Green Lake; Haller Lake; Lake City; Laurelhurst; Licton Springs; Maple Leaf; Meadowbrook; Olympic Hills; Pinehurst; Ravenna; Sand Point; University District; View Ridge; and Wallingford.

Download the 46th District map here.

46th Legislative District Map

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