46th Legislative District Documents

46th LD Documents

Members of the 46th District Democrats should bookmark this page, as this is where most of the district documents they are looking for have a home.  Here members will find our current Bylaws, any standing rules in effect, they will also find links to our Endorsement Rules, our Platform, and our passed, pending, and proposed Resolutions.

While we will seasonally link documents to other sub-pages on this site, this is the permanent place to locate most of the documents you may be seeking.

We survived a vendor meltdown with our website in December 2015, so documents from farther back than January 2016 must be located in our archives which are not connected to this website.  Please email [email protected] with specific requests.


46th District Bylaws and 2022 Map

46th District Democrats Bylaws Post-redistricting with obsolete geographic references removed (adopted April 2022)

2021-22 46th District Democrats Bylaws

November 2022 Proposals for an interim amendment on hybrid meetings before re-organization

New 46th LD Map (2022)(external link)


Parliamentary Procedure and Meeting Norms

Parli Pro Cheat Sheet

Zoom Meeting Equivalent Actions Guidelines Chart


46th District Endorsement Rules

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2022 Endorsement Rules

(Approved at the March 30, 2022 meeting)

2021 Endorsement Rules

2020 Endorsement Rules

2019 Endorsement Rules

2018 Endorsement Rules

2017 Endorsement Rules

2015-2016 Endorsement Rules and Questionnaires


46th District Platform

Owing to COVID in 2020, the cancellation of in-person legislative district caucuses where the platform is customarily considered and adopted, and the restrictions on in-person meeting, a local platform was not adopted in 2020, and the 2018 platform continues in effect for the local sections. 

The 46th District Democrats participated in the drafting and adoption of the state platform, and follow the 2020 Washington State Democrats Platform, which can be found here:

2020 Washington State Democratic Party Platform

2018 46th District Democrats Platform

2016 46th District Democrats Platform 


Meeting Minutes Archive

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Resolutions & Public Letters