46th Legislative District Documents

46th District Democrats Documents

46th District Bylaws and Standing Rules

Bylaws as adopted (last amended March 21, 2024)

Standing Rules (last amended March 21, 2024)

New 46th LD Map (2022)(external link)


Parliamentary Procedure and Meeting Norms

Parli Pro Cheat Sheet

Zoom Meeting Equivalent Actions Guidelines Chart


46th District Endorsement Rules

Standing Endorsements Rules of the 46th District Democrats (amended 21 March 2024)

2023 Endorsement Rules (Approved at the April 18, 2023 meeting)

2022 Endorsement Rules (Approved at the March 30, 2022 meeting)

2021 Endorsement Rules

2020 Endorsement Rules

2019 Endorsement Rules

2018 Endorsement Rules

2017 Endorsement Rules

2015-2016 Endorsement Rules and Questionnaires


46th District Platform

2022 Washington State Democratic Party Platform (external link to state Party website)

2020 Washington State Democratic Party Platform

Because the 46th District Democrats participate in the drafting and adoption of the state platform each election cycle, the creation of local legislative district platforms ceased after 2018.

2018 46th District Democrats Platform

2018 46th District Democrats Platform - Seattle Section

2016 46th District Democrats Platform 


Meeting Minutes Archive


Resolutions & Public Letters

Guidelines for writing resolutions