2021 Candidate Information for Seeking Endorsement

Information about procedures for Candidates & Campaigns:

Thank you for your interest in receiving a 2021 endorsement from the 46th District Democrats!

Please take a moment to read our 2021 Endorsement Rules:

2021 46th District Democrats Endorsement Rules

For the 2021 endorsement process, we will be using the 2021 King County Democrats' (KCDCC) Endorsement Questionnaire, which may be found on the KCDCC endorsements page here:

Note: The first few pages and final page are the same for all candidates. Questions starting on page #6 will differ based on position selected.  On the final page of the questionnaire, campaigns can request a PDF copy of their questionnaire for submission to other organizations.  Campaigns will want to do this to have a copy to submit to the 46th LD.

Completed questionnaires must be submitted via this link below to be considered.
You must submit your questionnaire directly to the 46th District Democrats at the link below to be considered. Questionnaires forwarded from the KCDCC, another LD Democratic organization, the King County Young Democrats, or a Democratic club will not be accepted.

Submit Questionnaire to the 46th LD Dems: Online endorsement questionnaire submission

Candidates must submit questionnaires at least 10 days in advance of the meeting at which they wish to be considered.  For the May endorsement meeting, the questionnaires must be submitted by 11:59pm on August 8, 2021 for the August 18, 2021 meeting for the candidate to be considered without a suspension of the rules regarding the questionnaire deadline. 

When is the 46th's endorsement meeting?

Our endorsement meeting for the General Election will be Wednesday, August 18, starting at 7:00pm.  The link to register is in the call posted on the 46dems.org home page.  Both guests and members register at the same link.

What about that candidate questionnaire?

We are very happy that candidates will be able to just submit a copy of the KCDCC Questionnaire this year.  This should eliminate some work for candidates in 2021.  Please be aware, however, that we do post these questionnaires publicly.  Your answers should reflect the fact that anyone who reads our website will be able to see them.

In which races does the 46th endorse?

We endorse in races that are wholly or partly within the 46th Legislative District, which encompasses Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, and northeast Seattle, east of Aurora Ave N. Offices for which we consider endorsements include federal offices which overlap or encompass the 46th District, King County offices which overlap or encompass the 46th District, as well as all Washington statewide offices.  For 2021, this includes offices from King County Executive to a North City Water District Commissioner seat, and everything in-between, if the jurisdiction touches upon the 46th District.

Do candidates have to sit for an endorsements committee interview?

No interview.  We are a membership-led organization.  Unlike many districts who vet candidates by asking them to sit for an endorsement interview with the executive board or a specific committee, our membership prefers to directly endorse candidates. For the 2021 election cycle, you will simply need to fill out the correct 46th District Democrats' questionnaire when we have it available, and attend our endorsement meeting (or send a surrogate) on May 23rd.  It would be best if you participate in our candidate forums, as well, but it is not required for endorsement. 

Our membership reads your questionnaire, does their own research on you, and we make our endorsement choices as a body.

Are there any other bits and pieces candidates should know?

Yes.  This is an info sheet that has gone out to candidates previously.  It has many of our most frequently asked questions:

Candidate FAQ Sheet for 46th LD Democrats

Thank you for seeking an endorsement from the 46th District Democrats!