2023 46th Officer Elections Voter Guide

2023 Officer Candidates for the 46th District Democrats:

More candidates are being added every four hours - please check back frequently!

Last update:  10:00pm Friday 1/13/23

Candidates' statements are posted in the order received. 

No other determination should be assumed based upon the order of the candidates in the list.


To be elected by Precinct Committee Officers (under either state law or the state party charter):


Hunter Brown  (he/him)  Male

[email protected], 206-484-6219

I’m running to serve on your behalf as Chair of the 46th Legislative District Democrats, because I want to increase our organization’s inclusivity, accessibility, and organization, to better serve our membership and community.

During the pandemic, membership in the 46th quadrupled in size, but the number of members participating in committees has remained the same or decreased. Our greatest asset is our members, and my goal is to increase member participation, by decreasing barriers and providing additional leadership opportunities. In doing so, we will be able to build a deeper bench and grow our next generation of leaders. This grand vision is not mine alone and requires the support of several additional experienced leaders. Which is why I’m happy to be running alongside the rest of the candidates in the Forward46.org slate.

As your Chair, I will bring my unique lived experiences to serve you and our district. I’m an enrolled member of the Kenaitize Tribe, a parent, and an engineer. I grew up in Everett and moved to northeast Seattle in 2004. During that time, I started a small business, but still needed to work a second full-time job to get benefits for my family; all while attending North Seattle College as a full-time student. Since then, I earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the UW, and I’m currently working in the private sector on large transportation projects for and across the state. My journey has also included work as a climbing instructor and outdoor guide, and as a member of the George Washington University’s Semester in Washington Program, where I learned how to lobby congress and work on campaigns, while I completed a Legislative Assistant Internship in Senator Patty Murray’s D.C. office.

I’ve held several roles in the 46th LD since joining in 2016. I’ve been a Member-At-Large, a Representative to the King County Democratic Central Committee (KCDCC), a PCO committee member, and Chair of the Resolutions Committee for the last four years. On two occasions, I’ve also served as the 46th LD’s representative on the Washington State Democrats Platform Committee. In 2020, I organized delegates across multiple legislative districts to draft four minority reports for amendments to the State Platform, all of which passed. In 2022, I organized our delegates who developed nearly 100 amendments to the state platform – more than double the number allotted to our LD – all of which were successfully submitted to the state party, by coordinating with delegates and representatives from three other legislative districts.

I’m ready to take my service to the next level as your Legislative District Chair, and I hope to earn your vote on January 14th. To learn more about the vision and candidates of the Forward46th, visit https://www.forward46.org


Andrzej Montaño  (he/him)   Male

[email protected], 206-724-3275 


Hello 46th LD Dems! 

Some of our membership are new, and some of us are returning, so I’d love to take the opportunity to introduce myself again. 

My name is Andrzej Montaño, and my name tells the story of why I’m here.  

My first name is technically unpronounceable in English, though it makes perfect sense in Polish.  My grandparents on my mother’s side were Polish refugees from World War II.  The Allied powers had refugee caps after the War, so many survivors were shipped off to colonies far from home.  My mother was born after my grandparents met in the British colony of Rhodesia.  She and her siblings immigrated to the United States while they were in school, and then had to sponsor their parents in order to get the whole family through our arcane immigration system.  

I grew up hearing stories about the ideas and institutions that killed almost everyone my grandparents knew.  Their siblings and cousins, aunts and uncles, their parents and friends.  Nearly everyone who was important to them died because of a series of lies and ideas that were designed by propagadists to be lethal.  

In 2013 and 2014 I started hearing the same ideas echoing loudly in the right wing of American politics.  So as I finished my time at the University of Washington with a major in Social Psychology and minors in Physics, Consciousness, and Environmental Science, and returned from an internship at the University of Zimbabwe, I started to get more involved in my democracy at a local level.  

My first real campaign experience was as an intern with Pramila for Congress in 2016, and since then I have knocked on tens of thousands of doors across the State while supporting dozens of Democratic candidates.  I believe that the only way to stop fascist ideas is by using the institutions of power available to us: the tools of democracy and education. 

That’s why I’ve worked hard over the past few years to help the 46th maintain and expand our Get Out The Vote efforts.  Because if we do democracy well in our tiny corner of the country, then maybe people will use those frameworks and ideas to do democracy well in other places too.  

At the same time there is a part of me that bristles at the institutions and colonialism that have brought us to this point.  My grandfather on my father’s side was one of the First People of South America.  He was taken to a mission school as a child, the South American equivalent of our Indian boarding schools, where he was given a new last name.  The boy from the Mountains: Montaño.  

After finishing at the top of his class, he was sent to the United States to go to college in Indiana where he met my grandmother.  He never taught my father or his siblings Spanish, or his native language, Quechua.  His story has been so effectively erased from history by the genocide that was perpetrated against our native people that not only do I have to mark myself as “Hispanic” or “Latino” on demographic forms, even though I have no such heritage, I am also often greeted with the casual racism of our modern society telling me to “Please enter a valid last name.”

The duality of this perspective is, I like to believe, part of the reason why I have been elected to the Board for the past three terms.  I’ve been our PCO Chair, Elections Chair, and Vice Chair over the past six years because our membership understands that representation matters.  The stories that brought me here are an important part of the history that has carried our Nation to this point, and these lessons must not be forgotten.  I’m here to make sure that our institutions do not forget the important lessons from the past, while they also work to protect us from the reheated propaganda that will threaten our most vulnerable citizens in the future.  

I am running for Chair of the 46th on a platform of building the bench, and electing democrats.  I’m running because I believe that the most effective thing we can do at this moment in History is to elect people who will oppose dangerous ideas in both policy and action, because you cannot have a good-faith disagreement with someone who believes you deserve to die. 

My only long-term goal is to be a good steward of this organization as I hand it off to a younger generation who have the creativity to make even more effective change.

I am endorsed by our 7th CD Member of Congress, Pramila Jayapal, and many, many of our PCOs and members.

I hope you will join them in honoring me with your vote.

I really appreciate everyone’s past support, and I hope to continue serving you all in the future in this new role!


Vice Chair:

Jordan DeMaria  (she/they)  Female

[email protected], 206-739-1107


Hello!  I am Jordan DeMaria (she/they), and I am asking you to make a radical investment in youth - the future of our party.  I am asking you to honor me with your vote for Vice Chair of the 46th District Democrats.

I am running to be your Vice Chair because I want to bring a very young perspective to party leadership and help grow our voter base in the 18-24 age group.  I am 18 years old, and I have been told that I am the second youngest PCO in county history - I turned 18 just days before primary election day, and cast my first ballot this past August.  

I believe that having the perspective of queer youth can contribute to representing the diversity of our district.  I have lived in the 46th my entire life and I understand what it's like to be a young voter here in the 46th where the economic divide between wealthy and privileged folks and marginalized people is on vivid display. I believe I could bring perspective and action on how to better connect with our very new voters, particularly through the social media that my generation uses constantly. 

I've been involved with the 46th District Democrats since I was big enough to hand out buttons at street fair booths and pose as “the kid” in many campaign photo shoots for great Democrats. I began real campaign work in 2015 for the Chris Roberts for King County Election Director campaign, helping to shoot and edit videos. More recently, I was both a delegate and tally person at the Washington State Democratic Convention in Tacoma, and of course canvassed my precinct as a new PCO-elect in October. 

At the Democratic Convention, I got the opportunity to draft and submit a resolution through the 46th for full time nurses in all Washington State public schools, which was approved unanimously at the convention. In my experience moving through our public school system, the problems we encountered as students were not the main problems the administration was working to fix. This is an issue I’ve noticed since elementary school. We need a place for young voices, especially in schools where we should be raising the next generation of thinkers. I want my fellow students to know its important for them to speak up for what they need, and know that the future we build today is the future they will live in tomorrow. 

I graduated from high school at SPS’ The Center School through the running start program this past June. During my time at The Center School, I was very involved with Model UN, even building my own conference for my school with the help of my other members. This has given me the skills to run both in-person and Zoom meetings, and I have been able to learn parliamentary procedure as well, having spent a good deal of time chairing meetings. I have been spending my time post-graduation involving myself in my community and saving up money so I can be better prepared to begin studying Public Administration in college in the fall. 

I understand that you wouldn’t expect someone my age to be run for a position such as Vice Chair. I have spent my (admittedly short) life preparing for a role like this, and with your support I know I would be able to make a great impact with the teamwork of all of you. I am a proud queer woman, and I hope to represent my fellow LGBTQ+ members, as well as work to better include our less heard voices, whether that be the unhoused people I’ve worked with through the Peoples Harm Reduction Alliance, working families, and all of our under-represented groups like myself. I want everyone in our district to be proud to live here. 

As your Vice Chair I hope to both connect with my own youth community and LGBTQ community, but also lend the hand of the 46th District Democrats to other LDs with a smaller democratic presence in the population and help ensure swing district victories. I also hope to offer ideas to better implement social media into our communications program so we can connect with more of our youngest voters. I have also worked closely with our current Vice Chair Andrzej Montaño and would be honored to work with him more as Vice Chair. 

I hope that you will consider taking a radical step to represent our goal of youth voter engagement and empowerment, by supporting and voting for me to serve the district as the vice chair of our outstanding organization.


Lisa Rivera Smith (she/her)  Female

Hello 46th District Democrats! I am Lisa Rivera Smith and I am both proud and excited to be running to serve as your Vice-Chair for the next biennium.

Who am I??

Fresh from the 43rd, I came to the 46th with last year’s redistricting. So, while I may be new to the 46th, I’m not new to the cause of electing democrats, nor the hard work it takes to get there. From doorbelling, to registering voters, to serving as a state and national delegate for Kerry, Obama and Bernie, my blood runs Blue and I’m passionate about bringing others along. Because from all my years of work in this party, I’ve learned that the most important thing we can do is EMPOWER OTHERS! No one carries the ship alone, and no one should. The democratic party is about neighbors, community and working people, working together.

That’s why I joined the Forward 46th slate of candidates. https://www.forward46.org/

What’s Forward 46th??

Lead and inspired by our Chair candidate, Hunter Brown, the Forward 46th slate of candidates, and I, know we can do the hard work:

  • Tap into talents – We have a membership ripe with abilities, ambitions and some time to spare. Let’s open the doors to committees and let that energy flow! There are opportunities for everyone and anyone in the 46th District Dems, and I want us to be known for that.
  • Build Relationships – We share the common goal of electing democrats to lead this great district, city, county and state. That’s awesome – but that’s just the start. We need more opportunities to build community with each other, and with our electeds. As an elected myself (serving my first term on the Seattle School Board), I’m lucky to have spent one-on-one time with many of our legislators and city councilmembers, and I value the relationships I’ve built with them. I also value the endorsements I’ve received from Javier Valdez, Shasti Conrad and Carrie Barnes.
  • Work Smarter, and Harder – Preparation is everything when chairing and holding meetings, and I’ve spent years successfully doing that. And since one of the main jobs of the Vice Chair is to serve in place of the Chair, when the Chair is unavailable, my experience chairing many a meeting – from School Board Committee Meetings, to PTSA Board Meeting – means I’m best positioned to keep things running smoothly, when called upon.

Why am I running??

I have spent my life facing the same struggles that many 46th LD residents face today – poverty, homelessness, disability and environmental injustice. Raised by a single mom who worked multiple jobs, yet still needed to rely on public assistance to care for me and my siblings, I learned early on to work hard. Thanks to scholarships, Pell Grants and student loans, I attended California State University, Chico, where I majored in Journalism (News Editorial) and minored in Ethics. My first job out of college brought me to Seattle, where I was hired as The Seattle Times’ first ever 3-year Editorial Intern. When I went on strike against the paper soon after, I learned the strength of organized labor and I have stood in solidarity with unions since. I am constantly called to service, whether as a non-profit volunteer coordinator, PTSA Board Member, or Seattle Public Schools Board Director, where I’m currently serving my first term. I know how to put in the steady, dogged work that is needed to turn an organization’s potential into success, and I am excited to do so for the 46th LD, where I’m currently a PCO. I am also a member of the Washington State Democrats Environment & Climate Caucus, and a Board Director for New Dawn Guatemala, a Seattle-based organization that promotes equitable, ecologically-friendly development and educational advancement in the rural community of Nuevo Amanecer. And, thanks to the unfailing support of my husband and three children, I also find time to serve on the leadership team of Girl Scouts of Western Washington Woodland Park Day Camp.

These next two years will be pivotal for our organization, and I hope you’ll entrust me with your vote on Jan. 14th, so we can shape the 46th District Democrats’ bright, beautiful future, TOGETHER!


– Lisa Rivera Smith (she/her/hers; Chicana/Mexican-American)


State Committee Members:

Tara Gallagher (she/her)  Female

[email protected], 206-488-8196

I am running for re-election as State Committee Member representing the 46th Legislative District Democrats.

As State Committee Member, I hope to bring the progressive views of one of the bluest LDs in the state, while listening to the concerns and needs of those in red or purple areas. I hope to help the party serve the needs of candidates and voters across the varied political landscape of Washington state.

I was elected in March 2022, after being redistricted to the 46th from the 43rd LD. In the 43rd, I served on the executive board for many years, as King County Rep and as Vice Chair. For King County Democrats, I served on platform and rules committees and as finance committee chair; at the 43rd I was on bylaws committee, was tally chair for years, was logistics co-chair for the 2016 caucuses, and served as deputy treasurer. As Vice Chair, I attended state committee meetings., volunteering for such roles as tally committee. I am very familiar with Party structure, rules and practices—all the structural work that keeps the organizations running to do the job of getting you the vote and electing Democrats who will best serve their constituents.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and input for the State Central Committee, and to sharing information about what is happening there and around the state.


Julie Anne Kempf (she/her)  Female

[email protected]   206-769-3391

I'm Julie Anne Kempf and I'm running to be one of your two next state committee representatives.

Most of you know me already, but for those who are newer to the district for the last five and a half years - I've been your “accidental chair”.

When we went through three chairs in the space of seven months in 2017, and we were hit with a PDC nuisance lawsuit to manage (to be clear – we were innocent, and we later proved it – this was a targeted attack by the Republicans), I was asked to take the gavel.

I said no. I was asked again, and I said no again. Wash, rinse, repeat. Finally, I reluctantly said yes, with a caveat: I needed the help and support of all of the membership because while I have institutional knowledge of a lot of different things, I am far, far from the most talented at our party activities and campaigns.  You are.  I am astounded every day by how smart, creative, and gifted our members are, and of the things you have done together for the district.  Our collective end of term "mission accomplished" list is long and amazing.

Thanks to the help, patience, and contributions of all of you, we have emerged from the nuisance lawsuit and the Covid-19 pandemic 700 (!) active members strong, we completely flipped Lake Forest Park and Kenmore City Councils from red to bright blue, we contributed the most democratic votes of any district to statewide races, we had an endorsements process that ensured the playing field was fair and level so all five of our candidates for the open seat had a fair shot, and so much more.

During my tenure as chair, I worked frequently with the state party, and built a strong rapport with state party staff, chairs of other local party organizations, and Democrats all over the state of Washington.

I also built the rules and procedures, as a paid expert consultant on election administration, for the Presidential Primary petition process in 2020.  With our new Presidential Primary that the major political parties accepted as binding for the nomination process, we had to have internal procedures and security for accepting and verifying the petitions from all 22 Presidential campaigns.  I created, and my team executed that process statewide.

Our district plays an oversized role at the state level. Each district was allowed only a certain number of submissions to the state platform this year. I leveraged my Democratic connections in other districts to get our extra progressive planks for the state platform distributed to other districts who had fewer planks than empty spots.  Due to this, the 46th LD was responsible for 198 submissions to the state platform.  This is the kind of Democratic connectivity that I am good at.

If elected, I will keep all of you updated on what the state committee is doing, and I will do my best to connect any of you who wish to share our knowledge and people resources with swing or rural districts to provide their candidates with the opportunity to plug Democrats into spots in the red part of our state.

I would also like to continue the state party work I have been doing since 2018 – training chairs and vice chairs, serving on the state tally team (often as its chair), and continuing to connect Democrats all over the state with each other.

I am endorsed by DNC Member David McDonald, DNC Member Sharon Mast, DNC Member and State Senator Javier Valdez, King County Councilmember Rod Dembowski, and dozens of our own PCOs and members. 

I have loved working with each and every one of you over the past 5 ½ years as your chair, and would be deeply honored and grateful if you would support me with your vote for State Committee Representative.



Scott Forbes (he/him)  Male

[email protected]

Hello fellow 46th District Democrats!

My name is Scott Forbes, and I identify as male and use he/him pronouns. I'm running on the Forward 46th slate (http://www.forward46.org) to be one of our two State Committee Members and represent our district at meetings of the State Party.

I've spent the past two years as First Vice-Chair of the King County Democrats—that is, as the running mate of Shasti Conrad, who is now running for State Party Chair—and previously served as Chair of the 43rd District Democrats, Chair of the King County Democrats' Bylaws and Rules Committee, and Parliamentarian of both organizations. I've been working for years to make our party stronger and more effective: I've trained over a hundred current and future party leaders on how to run meetings more effectively, led efforts to make our local party organizations more open and transparent, implemented codes of conduct to make our party a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, and helped dozens of party leaders across multiple districts with getting past all the parliamentary hurdles so that we can do the things we came here to do. I'm running for State Committee Member to continue those efforts, and to build on what we did at the King County Democrats and share best practices across districts. If elected, I hope to serve on the State Party Rules Committee and to work with the Washington State Democratic Chairs Organization on our training and support for party leaders.

Thank you for all that you do as a Democratic Party volunteer, and I hope to have your support at the reorganization meeting.


Drew Pollom (he/him)  Male

[email protected]

My name is Drew Pollom and I am running to be one of your state committeepersons and I am running on a platform on youth representation and expanding our democratic majority.

I am a renter living in the University District with my wife Shayna where we were redistricted recently from the 43rd into the 46th LD. I work as an attorney representing cities and indigenous communities, including recently for five years for the Lummi Nation in Bellingham.

Although I may be new to the 46th, I am not new to the party. I served as the Chair of the Gonzaga Young Democrats in college, I was the King County Young Democrats Chair, the Young Democrats of Washington president, and then finally the national treasurer for the Young Democrats of America. I also served as a delegate to the KCDCC endorsements committee during the last cycle.

I am running for to be the state committeeperson because I believe the focus of the party needs to be electing Democrats in 2023 and 2024. In 2022, we thumped Tiffany Smiley, we beat back Joe Kent, and we stopped the GOP election-denying clown car of Mark Miloscia, Bob Hagglund, Keith Waggoner, and Tamborine Borrelli from taking over our elections. This, in addition to our pick-ups in the legislature, represents a great year for our party. I’ve been doing the work to help us achieve these victories by recruiting dozens of volunteers and sending over 50,000 texts on behalf of the coordinated campaign.

I want to build on that success so we can build a progressive majority and supermajority to address issues like housing, homelessness, substance use disorder, and mental health.

If elected, my focus will be on two issues:

1. Youth Representation: 62% of young voters voted for Democrats in 2022. It’s clear that when young voters turn out Democrats win. However, only 27% of young voters voted, in comparison to 47% of all other voters. Within our own party, fewer than 10 young democrats served on the central committee  out of 176 positions during the last two years. As a young democrat, electing me will increase that representation. I will use my voice to advocate for both a platform that addresses the concerns of young voters and an election plan to turn out young voters.  

2.  Winning Elections in Purple Districts: in 2022, Democrats came within 5% of winning seats in the 26th LD (House Seat), the 17th LD and the 18th LD. Each seat represents a new opportunity to elect a Democrat who will work towards addressing our housing crisis or enshrining the right to an abortion in the State Constitution. I will advocate that the party implements an election plan and resources targeting seats like the 26th, 17th, and the 18th to increase our majorities.

It would be my honor to serve as your state committeeperson. I want to serve in this role because I believe my experience, my perspective, and my focus brings value not only for our district but our party as a whole.

Thank you, and in solidarity,



KCDCC Representatives:

Alex Phillips-White (he/him)  Male

[email protected]   

I am running for KCDCC Delegate because I care deeply about transportation and housing issues in the City of Seattle and the 46th Legislative District. As a 10-year transportation professional, I see our transportation departments failing our district – failing to reengineer our roads for slower speeds, failing to encourage multimodal transportation, and failing to prioritize vulnerable users. My vision is for the 46th to be a place where people of all ages and abilities can feel safe using our roads. As a father of one (with another on the way), I want to feel confident that my children can be autonomous and not fret about their safety using our transportation system.

Additionally, I have been involved in providing transitional housing to people experiencing homelessness for seven years, five as a volunteer for the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI), and two as an employee. I have struggled in the past with substance abuse and I recognize that if not for my social support network, I could have easily ended up homeless as well. I believe that given the opportunity, no person is hopeless. I want to see a 46th that welcomes all people who wish to live here and provides them opportunities to do so by providing housing of all types and in abundance.

I’m running as part of the Forward 46 slate. Read more about me and other candidates’ vision for our LD at https://www.forward46.org/.


Galaxy Marshall  (they/she/he)  Gender Non-Binary  

[email protected]  206-551-3037

Hi, I’m Galaxy, and I’m running to be your representative to the King County Democrats.

I started carrying a credential to KCDCC for the 43rd in 2015, and then was elected King County alternate and then representative. I really enjoyed my time as a representative, and would love to go back to King County meetings.

I take the role of representative seriously. I will support the candidates we endorse, and vote for resolutions that align with our platform, regardless of what my personal views may be. I am proud to be from a progressive district, and am excited to bring our message and vision to King County.

As a 46th board member, I would like to focus on youth outreach. I specifically would like us to do more to reach out to high school students and colleges. I go to Seattle Central right now, which is part of Seattle Colleges. We have a Seattle College in our district, North Seattle College, and I would love to see us connect with their students more.

I also really miss the socializing of in-person meetings, and would like to work with the board to create more in-person opportunities to socialize with the district.

I would be honored to represent you at KCDCC and to serve on the 46th executive board, and I hope to earn your vote!



KCDCC Alternates:

Rob Jenks (he/him)  Male

[email protected]     206-218-9033

Hello 46th District Democrats,

My name is Rob Jenks, my pronouns are he/him, and I’m running for the KCDCC Alternate board position as a member of the Forward 46th slate (https://www.forward46.org/).

I have been helping to elect progressive Democrats for more than 20 years, from Al Gore (ouch) in 2000 to Emily Randall in a very competitive WA 26th Senate race in 2018. I’m passionate about mitigating climate change, and the ways in which energy, housing, transportation, and tax policy can help or hurt. In my professional career as a consultant and software strategist, I have worked with elected officials and business leaders on both policy and technical levers to address climate.

I’m also passionate about efficient, inclusive, transparent organizations that operate well. You the members of the 46th LD deserve, and we Democrats require, an organization that supports our political objectives through:

- Well-run, timely meetings that respect members’ time and provide opportunities for you to participate
- Clearly recorded and communicated follow-ups and action items from meetings
- Sufficient advance notice of upcoming meetings and district business via multiple channels
- An open, inclusive atmosphere that grows our membership and therefore our collective political power

Given Democrats’ current structural disadvantages nationally and the existential threat we face from a rising right wing movement, it’s more important than ever to operate effectively as one cohesive party, including as many people with as many diverse backgrounds as possible.

I will be attending the Forward 46th Meet and Greet on Thursday at 5:30 pm (registration URL below) and would love to see you there to answer any questions you have and to further discuss our shared vision for the 46th District Democrats.


Thanks for all you do as Democrats and I humbly ask for your support at Saturday’s Reorganization Meeting.

Rob Jenks


Bryce Cannatelli (she/her)  Female

[email protected]

I am a dedicated Democrat who’s always working to build more just, healthy, and environmentally friendly communities for my fellow citizens.

Since moving to Seattle in 2021, I have been involved in local campaigns and progressive activism. In 2022, I was accepted into Emily’s List’s IGNITE Change Fellowship, where I began to learn Democratic campaign strategies. That spring, I joined Fincher Consulting, and have worked with the amazing Crystal Fincher and her team to support candidates and beneficial causes. I also work with Crystal on the Hacks & Wonks radio show and podcast, helping to keep the people of King County informed on local political happenings.

I’m committed to advocating for social justice, establishing more protections for LGBTQIA+ peoples, protecting workers' rights, and pursuing equitable economic reforms. I hope to use my passion for progress and my dedicated work ethic to serve the 46th Legislative District Democrats as your KCDCC Exec Board Alternate.

I'm proud to be part of the Forward46 slate of candidates running to help make the 46th LD Democrats more accessible, inclusive, and transparent, strengthening us for years to come. Learn more about who else is part of the slate and our vision here: forward46.org.


To be elected by PCOs and members in good standing:


Rachel Woodbrook (she/her)

[email protected] 


Hello! My name is Rachel Woodbrook, and I am running for the position of Secretary in the 46th Legislative District. I am a lifelong Western Washingtonian, and a longtime North Seattleite. I started to get involved in local organizing leading up to the 2016 presidential election, and have participated in voter registration reminders, door knocking, and phone banking for various local and national elections since then. I have served as a PCO in the 46th Legislative District since October 2021.

My day job is as a data librarian, which is a natural fit as I love organizing information. I was the 2020-2022 Secretary for the Research Data Access and Preservation (RDAP) Association, a professional organization of a few hundred people. In this role I took notes, managed to-dos and reminders for a leadership group of 20-25 people, and oversaw a listserv and migration of all our records to a new platform. I loved helping keep the organization’s information standardized and findable, and would be excited to put my skills and passion to work doing the same for the 46th. If elected, I would focus on streamlining, increasing accessibility, and utilizing technological supports such as automated captioning and live Google doc notetaking to enhance participation opportunities and transparency of organizational documentation. I would also hope to help revisit the LD's current website for possible improvements to navigability and content, such as making a complete set of minutes easily accessible to members.

In sum, I would be excited to serve our LD in this capacity, and have the experience and skills to do our important work justice in keeping good records that are easy for membership to find and access. I'm running as part of the "Forward 46" slate; read more about my and other candidates' vision for our Legislative District at https://www.forward46.org.


At Large Officers (nine):

Candidates' statements are posted in the order received. 

No other determination should be assumed based upon the order of the candidates in the list.


Kathy Bentson (she/her)

[email protected]

I’m Kathy Bentson (she/her). I’ve lived in Wedgwood since 1990 and taught community college students for thirteen years. I joined the 46th District Democrats after the Supreme Court chose Bush over Gore and the health of our planet in 2000. I’ve been a PCO for years, and I served a term on the Executive Board as Secretary. I’ve canvassed for a wide array of candidates and causes, most recently for I-135. I’m pleased to run for an At Large position as part of the Forward 46th slate (https://www.Forward46th.org). I will work hard on behalf of progressive causes and the vitality of the 46th. I want to help bring people together so we can be exceptionally strong and effective. I will strive to be a conduit to greater participation from a wide range of members who bring talent and energy to our important causes and functions. I would be honored to earn your vote on January 14.


Scott Alspach (he/him)

[email protected]     360-620-7129

My name is Scott Alspach, my pronouns are he/him, and I’m running for an at-large board position as a member of the Forward 46th slate (read more at https://www.forward46.org/).

I’m a progressive Democrat and have served on the board of the 46th District Democrats since being redistricted from the 43rd in March of 2022. I served on the board of the 43rd District Democrats for 5 years, most recently as Chair (2019-2021) and as Membership Chair (2017-2018). I have also served on the board of the Washington State Democrats Environmental and Climate Caucus. My policy interests include housing, transportation, progressive taxation, and how those issues relate to our fight against climate change.

I learned a lot in my years as the chair of the 43rd District but the most important lesson was how important it is to value the time, energy, and input of Democratic Party members and PCOs.

You are the backbone of our organizing efforts and you deserve:
• A welcoming organization that encourages you to participate and have fun while working to advance our shared goals.
• A meaningful say in setting the goals, policies, and direction of our district. I strongly believe in a membership run organization and will work to be your voice on the executive board.
• Ample advanced notice of upcoming meetings and district business via email and other channels.
• Meetings which start and end on time, stay on topic, and give you opportunities to participate. As a new parent, I’m especially interested in ways to make our meetings more accessible to those with limited time in the evenings.
• Timely access to minutes from general and executive board meetings, including regular financial reports.
• The opportunity to join committees relevant to your interests and participate in the work of running our 46th District Democrats.

I have enjoyed getting to know and learn from you all over the past year. I will be attending the Forward 46th Meet and Greet on Thursday at 5:30 pm and would love to see you there to answer any questions you have and to further discuss our shared vision for the 46th District Democrats. You can find information on attending at https://www.forward46.org/.

Thanks for all you do as Democrats and I humbly ask for your support at Saturday’s Reorganization Meeting.


Marc Auerbach (he/him)

[email protected]    (703) 895-4987

Marc Auerbach (he/him) – for Executive Board At-Large

I'm running for Executive Board with the Forward 46th team, led by Hunter Brown and Lisa Rivera Smith, because we need effective and inclusive leadership to fully realize our District's potential (for more info, see https://www.forward46.org). I am confident that this team will bring a welcoming, "big tent" culture to our organization.

Our democracy is under siege and we’re facing critical electoral battles over the next two years. Here in the 46th, we must mobilize our Democratic supermajority in defense of democracy. And I believe we can energize our base by organizing year-round for policies that will help us solve the housing crisis (Vote YES on I-135!), dismantle structural racism, and arrest climate change.

We have a lot of work to do – and we need more members, more PCOs, and more activists working collaboratively to get that work done.

In my day job as Education Director for the largest private sector union local in our state, I recruit and train rank-and-file workers who are stepping into leadership roles. I am passionate about helping workers build collective power to improve their lives and their communities.

As an Executive Board member in the 46th, I would bring that same passion to helping our District fulfill its potential by actively engaging the community, recruiting new members and PCOs, and fostering emerging leaders.

In carrying out my responsibilities, I will bring decades of relevant experience as a worker, and union and community activist including the following:

• 46th District Democrats Executive Board (elected March 2022)
• Precinct Committee Officer, 46-3798 (current)
• Co-founder, Maple Leaf in Solidarity with Black Lives
• Strategic researcher for a 1.3-million-member international union
• King County Metro bus driver
• Union shop steward, executive board officer, and King County Labor Council delegate
• Labor Neighbor Get Out the Vote coordinator
• Seasoned door-to-door campaigner, with "career" highlights that include canvassing for Biden/Harris in Arizona in 2020, and curing ballots to help Christine Gregoire defeat Dino Rossi in 2004

I’m excited to get to work, and I humbly ask for your vote.

If you'd like to share your thoughts about how we can move our District forward, please reach out to me at: marc46dems [AT] gmail.com or (703) 895-4987.

To learn more about the Forward 46th team, click here: https://www.forward46.org

Thank you for your consideration.


Debby Nissen (she/her)

[email protected]     206-914-5272

Debby Nissen, candidate for E-Board at large Jan 2023

I hope you are an active member of the 46th Democrats because active members are the backbone of the Democratic Party. When you hear the grassroots mentioned by some talking head- see yourself and all of us here because this is where we put our feet to the street and Get Out the Vote for our candidates. The candidates and party leaders and pundits get all the media attention, but those victories are created by our organizing and our work in our neighborhoods.

I am proud and honored to be a part of the leadership of the 46th LD and want to continue to fine tune and strengthen our GOTV machine. I have been Chair of the Rules & Bylaws Committee for several terms, including an extensive review and revision of the Endorsement Rules. I would like to continue that work.

When I say I will do it- I do it and no excuses. I am a PCO that canvasses my precinct and a couple of others rain or shine. On the E-Board I will support activities that are strategic because that will make the best use of our resources. I will support policies that improve our diversity and provide a range of opinions because that makes us stronger. I will support efforts that protect everyone’s right to vote because that strengthens democracy. By support I mean grass roots work- strategy meetings, raising funds, connecting to community groups, donating, phone-calling, door-belling, recruiting volunteers- whatever it takes. I am a 46th Dem to gain power or prove how progressive I am.

I am a 46th Dem to elect progressive Democrats and create a better tomorrow!

You would honor me with your vote. I have the time and commitment to build on our victories. I do what needs to be done, show up, and finish what I start. FORWARD TOGETHER.


Mario Falit-Baiamonte  (he/him)

[email protected]     206-512-9943

I am running for a Member-at-Large position in leadership, for the 46th Legislative District Executive Board, because I believe that it is time for youth to have a voice in the local Democratic Party. The Democratic Party prides itself on being the party of the many and on bringing in all kinds of diverse voices. If we want to elect progressive candidates up and down the ballot, we need to get young people excited to vote. I hope to be a voice that can talk to young people and get them excited about progressive politics. As a student at UW, and a product of Seattle Public Schools, I believe in the importance of electing exciting candidates who can bring about impactful change. I am running with the Forward 46th slate so that we can all work together in order to create a more open and accessible 46th! Please also check out the website: https://www.forward46.org/. Let's do this!


Brian Berry (he/him)

[email protected]     425-213-0597

I am running for a second term as Member-At-Large because I want to continue to contribute to the strong success of the 46th District Democrats!

At a time when we are replacing a long-time outgoing Chair, it is critical that we maintain a connection to institutional knowledge with a strong contingent of Executive Board members who will be able to hit the ground running and share district history and best practices, while supporting the new Chair.

My experience with the Democratic Party began when I lived in Oregon. I served on the Washington County Democrats Executive board from 1992 to 1994, and was the Young Democrats Coordinator. I was the Vice Chair and then the Chair of Nationwide Insurance’s Civic Action Program for the Western Regional Office, and was honored as their National Volunteer of the Year.

Over the last two years I have served on the 46th District Executive Board as Membership Chair, Sergeant-at-Arms, and have been a member of the Technology Committee. I have approached each position with the utmost professionalism and have been an overall strong contributor to the 46th LD.

As membership chair, I have been happy to see our ranks swell to over 700 members, and would work hard to implement new ideas and help build a robust social media presence to continue to grow the district.

There is a lot of data management involved in serving as membership chair - I have ideas to make it more manageable, while continuing to maintain crisp and clean member rolls so our district can have confidence that our critical elections such as for endorsements are conducted without any worry about any members being left out, or any non-members being mistakenly included.

When I moved to Washington to pursue a career in software, my political involvement took a backseat to my career and raising my (now grown) children. Over the last several years, I have returned to being an active participant in the political process. In addition to serving on the Executive Board I have recently contributed to the Democratic Party in the following ways:

Campaign Manager for Dr. Lelach Rave
Legislative District 46 Delegate to the Washington State Democratic State Convention (2020 and 2022)
Member of the 46th LD Endorsement Rules Taskforce
Phone Banking for Elizabeth Warren

I have also been a very strong financial contributor to the 46th LD, as well as to a number of Democratic candidates at local and federal levels.

As a veteran of the United States Air Force, and an active member of the community, I am excited to continue to serve the 46th Legislative District.

I live in Maple Leaf with my partner, Sharon London and her two kids (and our two cats and six chickens)

I hope you will honor me with your continued trust, and your vote on Saturday.


Debbie Carlsen (she/they)

[email protected]

I am running for a Member-At Large position in the 46th Legislative District as part of the Forward46th (https://www.forward46.org/) slate to foster and represent diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences in the district. I am a PCO and have lived in the 46th since 2009 in Maple Leaf, Northgate, and Olympic Hills neighborhoods. I co-founded a Seattle LGBTQ+ organization and worked on housing and economic justice issues for over 11 years at the local and state level. My experience working professionally on voter registration and GOTV campaigns as well as in the immigrant rights, racial equity and labor movements aids me in base building and leadership development across communities and coalitions. Currently, I serve on Olympic Hills Elementary PTA, as their Advocacy Chair, the Seattle Special Education PTSA, as Co-Vice President, and on the National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington board as the Fundraising Chair. I work in the Early Learning sector as a consultant advancing workforce stabilization and early learning excellence at the state and local level. I am a queer non-binary parent living with my partner (Redwolf), daughter (Radley), dog (Kona) and our two cats (Beanie and Skeena).

It would be an honor to serve you in the 46th District as an At-Large Executive Board Member and I look forward to earning your vote on January 14th. Please visit our Forward46th (https://www.forward46.org/) slate of dedicated, progressive, and forward-thinking candidates advancing accessibility, inclusiveness and transparency.


Aidan Carroll  (he/him)

[email protected]     (971) 901-0979

I’m a 25y.o., male, autistic person with Tourette’s, a flurry of acronyms, and obsession with justice, running for an at-large seat. I grew up going to UUC and graduated from Ingraham HS and the University of Washington with a BA in Community, Environment, Planning. I don’t hide my anger at victim-blaming backlash to the urban crisis. Too many liberals view homeless how MAGA casts immigrants, the same stereotypes, the same language whites used for Natives for most of Seattle’s short history. There is no bright line between the working poor, the ‘crazy’, and the drug user, nor should there be. The only thing worse than viewing homelessness as a monolith is believing it can be sliced into ‘types’ because that immediately results in good homeless/bad homeless hierarchical dichotomy of deserving and underserving[1]. Along with gun and car control, freedom of movement at borders, and single payer healthcare, the most lifesaving domestic policy changes we could institute in this county include providing a safe---i.e. uncontaminated and dosage measured---substance supply [2], stop the sweeps[3], and provide housing for all (including rent control and sufficient density in urban areas that mass transit can replace much of the air polluting transportation that shortens lifespans in the parts of King County with the highest nonwhite populations). The camping ban is not necessary for any kind of cleanliness or safety, as those can be addressed directly - the times when a law against camping even appears possibly justified are situations where other laws already exist pertaining to littering, assault, blocking fire exits etc, nor is law the right way to deal with many such problems in the first place. Equal rights means nondiscrimination: if a homeless person's behavior is causing a problem, address it the same as we would a non-homeless person with the same behavior, rather than the discrimination of demolishing their home and that of all their neighbors. If we are to displace someone on public property or undocumented housing arrangements, we must give them sufficient time to move their possessions and be prepared to offer them a better site or home, of which we have many available already[4]. The human right to a home the USA signed onto in 1992 must be upheld[5].) The best society might be a direct democracy that aims to replace politicians with a weekly or monthly meeting in every neighborhood/town that makes decisions together and selects temporary delegates for cooperative confederation with other communities near and far.[6] The best way to approach this ideal is strengthening civil society, including organizations like ours. I have passionate and researched opinions but also much to learn. I want everyone to be heard and believe we can teach one another. My experience includes PCO for several years, signature gathering, volunteering at the UW with United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) and Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER); protests; door-knocking; and mutual aid, collective and individual.

1. https://humanparts.medium.com/laziness-does-not-exist-3af27e312d01
2. https://cheos.ubc.ca/research-in-action/safe-supply-in-british-columbia
3. https://stopthesweeps.org/, and consider: https://www.thestranger.com/city/2019/08/27/41214068/seattle-needs-a-slum 
4.  https://www.thestranger.com/guest-editorial/2022/10/10/78591327/washington-needs-to-tax-empty-homes, though we need more https://darrellowens.substack.com/p/vacant-nuance-in-the-vacant-housing, 
5. https://www.cartercenter.org/news/documents/doc1369.html
6. https://www.facebook.com/cooperativeassembly/


Sylvia Haven (she/her)

Sylvia Haven
[email protected]

I am proud to be running for the Executive Board as part of the Forward 46th slate of candidates, and I ask for your vote at the Reorg Meeting on Saturday, January 14th.

After retiring from my career as a school librarian, I served on the 46th Executive Board for several years. During my 61 years as a member of the 46th District Democrats, I’ve been a delegate to several state Democratic conventions and served as a PCO, until climbing the steps to peoples’ porches became difficult for me. 

As well as representing the progressive aspirations of the Democratic Party, my special focus on the Executive Board will be to represent the interests of seniors, when advocating policies.

My fervent hope is to see the Democratic Party return to its former glory of standing up for the working class and confronting the powers that work against the common good.

Please visit the link below to read more about the vision I share with other Executive Board candidates



Erica Lee  (she/her/hers)

[email protected]

As a former frontline advocate for diverse populations, from California state employees to Folsom Prison inmates to American constituents demanding better access to cancer screenings, I look forward to supporting Washington’s 46th District. My background in grassroots advocacy, relationship-building, and investigative research prepare me for the role of At-Large Officer.

In my work with numerous colon cancer organizations, I lobbied significantly more Congress members than the average advocate in my role. As a result, we were able to recruit more cosponsors for a critical bill promoting colon cancer research and screenings. This was crucial, given the lack of attention the issue of colon cancer receives.

Fostering new partnerships and nurturing current alliances with stakeholders would leverage my ability to persuade others to see points of mutual benefit. In addition to engaging with California lawmakers on cancer-related issues, I have also convinced non-voters to exercise their right during eight congressional campaigns across the country. This significantly impacted the margins seen in election results.

Drawing insights from investigative research would help me make actionable recommendations for how to approach the issues. Within California’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, I was trusted with larger caseloads than average, primarily made up of difficult investigations of employment discrimination and sexual harassment.

I currently work with developmentally-delayed adults, providing emotional and social support. I also volunteer regularly at Woodland Park Zoo and Books to Prisoners, which sends free books to incarcerated people. I chose to make Seattle my home in 2016, and I look forward to many more years here.

Thank you for your consideration.



Melissa Taylor (she/her)

[email protected],  206-371-3914

I would appreciate your vote to represent you as an At Large member of the Executive Board. I had planned to run for Treasurer but after substantial discussions, I believe that it is in the best interests of our members to defer the discussion of whether the Treasurer should be elected to the Bylaws and Rules Committee meetings that will follow reorg -- provided that any interested member to be allowed to participate in these discussions and recommendations and that minority positions be included in the recommendations. I am honored to be a part of the Forward 46th Team. It is a dynamic, talented, diverse and well-balanced group of Democrats who care deeply about the future of our democracy, our city, state and country. We are jointly committed to building a party that draws on the strengths of all members, that seeks ways to make participation more accessible (including shorter meetings), and that builds the bench of elected and appointed Democrats in our district and beyond. Read more here: https://www.forward46.org/our-candidates