Voter Pamphlet for 2021 Executive Board

This Voters Guide for the 46th District Executive Board

election to be held on January 13, 2021, beginning at 6:00pm

will be updated as additional candidates file for office

The Voters Guide is now closed to updates :  3:30pm, Wednesday, January 13, 2021


It is within the rules for additional candidates to be nominated from the floor during the meeting.

Last updated: 3:21pm, Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Candidates are listed in the order that they filed.


Candidates for the office of:


Candidate:  Julie Anne Kempf       

  • Office: Chair
  • Neighborhood:  Northeast Green Lake          
  • Gender: Female     
  • Pronouns: she/her          

I am running to serve another term as your chair of the 46th Legislative District.  I ask for your vote on Wednesday, and your support for this term.

I will be honest, I had hoped to hand over the reins this year and make way for new leadership.

As most of you know, I originally did not choose to run for this position - I was asked to fill it three years ago in a time of crisis.  We had experienced several leadership changes in rapid succession, and had been slapped with a PDC (public finance) lawsuit by the well-known Republican dirty trickster, Glen Morgan.  I was asked to take the helm of the district to provide consistency and stability to our operations, and seasoned leadership for the navigation of the Glen Morgan lawsuit. 

I would like to believe that I have delivered on both of those goals – we have managed to retain operational stability, and bypass the internal fights suffered in many LDs. We have been able to disagree without being disagreeable, while maintaining our core unity as Democrats first. 

By consulting the best attorneys and calculating the amount of risk we could balance with the potential for success on the Glen Morgan matter, I made an action recommendation that you, the members of the district voted to support.  Instead of closing our district PAC and sitting on the sidelines, banned from candidate support for years, we chose to fight Glen Morgan’s spurious allegations head on, and keep our PAC open.

This allowed us to field a robust candidate support campaign in 2018 and 2019 – one that was successfully pivoted to online, phone and mail operation in the pandemic environment of 2020. Our collective efforts really mattered in the critical election environment of 2020!

Due to Covid postponements, we still are in the midst of the active Glen Morgan lawsuit, and I feel I must commit to seeing out the ugly lawsuit I agreed to take on as your leader.  So I ask again for your support.

My goals for this term would be to continue to reach out and activate volunteers with jobs and tasks, large and small, to identify upcoming party leaders and train them to take on roles, to bring experts to our membership with opportunities for members to build their skills in areas as diverse and useful as basic parliamentary procedure, how to volunteer and run entry-level campaigns, and how to create effective social media.  Other district goals include: ensuring district input into redistricting, filling 100% of our PCO positions, improving our communication of volunteer opportunities, both in the incredibly stressful and difficult social distancing environment, and also when we are able to move back to physical interaction with each other!

Whether you honor me with your vote or choose not to, I wish to thank each and every one of you for your hard work, your passion, and your commitment to our district and our efforts over the past two years.  You folks really are the life, heart and soul of our Party!


Vice Chair

Must be a different gender than Chair

Candidate: Andrzej Montaño        

  • Office: Chair
  • Neighborhood:  Meadowbrook          
  • Gender: Male     
  • Pronouns: he/him                   

You may recognize me from being PCO coordinator last term.  This time I’m asking for your support, and vote, as I run to serve as vice chair of the 46th Legislative District. 

Since my background is in social science and organizing, and because the vice chair of the 46th has an open portfolio, my first priority in this position would be to continue my role as PCO coordinator and field organizer for our District. 

Though we’ve had to adjust some of our plans in 2020, we still managed to run a robust campaign, boosting turnout here in the 46th LD and helping elect T’wina Nobles to State Senate in the 28th.  Moving into an odd-numbered year when we will have outsize influence due to our high turnout, I plan to help the 46th in running one of the larger Get Out The Vote operations in Washington, as well as assisting where we can on statewide races. 

As we hopefully transition back to in-person gathering in the latter half of the year, I’d also like to continue working on our longer term goals of expanding our PCO committee to match the size of our GOTV operation, and filling 100% of our PCO positions. 

In addition, as vice chair of the 46th I will be able to assist the chair with identifying, recruitment, and training a diverse group of future party leaders.  This will help the Democratic Party to build a strong bench of potential candidates to run for office, and serve our primary goal of electing Democrats to every level of government. 

In the interest of making our party stronger as we enter an uncertain future, the recruitment of a diverse and representative group of upcoming leaders is one of the most important roles we can undertake as a local party organization.  I would be honored to be able to use my skills as an organizer (and data nerd) to help train and advise this group of future leaders as your vice chair. 

Thank you for your consideration, and thanks to all our PCOs for a successful 2020 GOTV!



State Committee Members

Two, must be of differing genders

Candidate: Marty Ross     

  • Office: State Committee Member
  • Neighborhood:  North Lake Forest Park
  • Gender: Male   
  • Pronouns: he/him

A bell was rung in 2016 that cannot be un-rung. In a time when representative democracy has been under direct assault by forces on the right, I’ve dedicated myself to the work of making democracy work. I took responsibility for my citizenship by making democracy not a yearly ritual of filling out a ballot, but by putting in the work of connecting my community to their system of government. I became involved first as a PCO, then as Membership Chair on the Executive Board, and I currently serve as Vice Chair.

As Membership Chair, I have worked to expand community engagement and maintaining accurate member rolls to allow for the smooth operation of our General Meetings. As Vice Chair, I have helped guide the district through this crucial presidential cycle, stepping in to chair several meetings, and filling a variety of roles focused on voter outreach.  Guiding the transition of the district to all-online activity in response to the COVID crisis posed a particular challenge. With my wife as Tally Chair, we administered a mail-in vote to amend the by-laws, empowering the district to operate remotely. We also developed our current online voting system from the ground up, to ensure voices were heard and accurately tallied from endorsement votes to the resolutions process, to the King County Democrats re-organization just last month.

And I have embraced the work of voter outreach. Before COVID, I had been knocking on 1,000 doors per year, and this year shifted gears to making hundreds of phone calls to potential volunteers, running weekly phonebanks in the 46th, and volunteering for T’wina Nobles successful State Senate race in the 28th LD.

If I am elected to the WSDCC, I will continue the work of building an expansive, inclusive, and progressive Democratic Party, where all communities not only feel welcome, but are actively invited in. I would pledge to report back to our membership the work of the state party, as we fight for a vibrant Democratic Party in Washington State, where all have equal justice, economic opportunity, and a clean environment.


Candidate: Anna Borris     

  • Office: State Committee Member
  • Neighborhood:  South Lake Forest Park
  • Gender: Female   
  • Pronouns: she/her

I am running for the open seat of WSDCC Representative (female), and to continue serving on the 46th LD executive board as the chair of the Fundraising Committee. 

Over the last four years I’ve held multiple positions in the LD, but with one guiding philosophy: leverage the strengths and resources of the 46th to become the best in the state and then share our knowledge for the benefit of other districts and Democratic organizations.  That philosophy is more important now than ever before given the national pandemic.  Democrats in the 46th and across the nation reinvented the way we gather, the way we organize, and the way we raise funds.  We don’t know what 2021 will look like, but we can tackle it head on by working together with party leaders and organizers statewide to adapt and strengthen.  As WSDCC Representative, I will be in a strong position to share what we learned here in the 46th for the benefit of Democrats statewide.

Since my appointment as Fundraising Committee chair, we significantly increased revenue, which improved our 2020 grassroots organizing capacity ahead of the Presidential election.  Our most recent event, the Roaring Twenties Party, netted a record breaking $13,000.  We invested 100 percent of those funds in printing and mailing our 2020 voter guides, reaching 42,000 voters district-wide ahead of the general election!  In this last two-year term, the committee raised approximately $40,000 to further the work of the district.  I am deeply proud of the success of our district, and can’t wait to share with and learn from other districts around the state. Just because we’re the best doesn’t mean we stop raising the bar.

I deeply enjoy my work with the district.  Even more, I enjoy working with all of you. I promise, if elected, to roll up my sleeves and tackle the work in a transparent, inclusive, and collaborative way.

I humbly ask for your vote. Thank you. 


Candidate: Rebeca Muñiz   

  • Office: State Committee Member
  • Neighborhood:  South Wedgwood
  • Gender: Female
  • Pronouns: she/her

Hello my name is Rebeca Muñiz,

I’m running for the 46th Democrats State Committee Member position. I bring a lot of experience and I’m passionate about improving access to public education. In 2019, I was a top two contender in the Seattle School Board Race and endorsed by the 46th Democrats. I also attended the University of Washington where I received my Masters in Education Policy and Leadership. I’m the daughter of Mexican immigrants and I have seen how important it is to improve access to education but also to defend our Democracy.

In speaking with current and former State Committee Members, it is clear that the Democratic Party has the opportunity to continue growing its base through better engagement with communities of color and support for candidates of color. As your State Committee Member, I am committed to working across the state to ensure our Democratic Party reflects the best of our values as we deepen our relationships with those who have historically felt excluded from our political system.

Always at your service,



Candidate: Corina Pfeil   

  • Office: State Committee Member
  • Neighborhood:  Kenmore
  • Gender: Female   
  • Pronouns: She/Her/Hers/They/Them

Corina Pfeil is a well-known community leader, councilmember, legislative advocate, former PTA Leader, PCO, and tireless community champion for the democratic party, member of the LGBTQ community able and capable disabled leader. Proven. Dedicated and solution oriented. She has a strong track record of success for working collaboratively on public policy, key issues, and legislation, with an equitable growth mindset - providing smart, reliable, innovative results with real workable solutions time and again - locally, regionally, and at the state level. As your State Committee member, I am committed to our democratic values while working together on the issues that concern us All. We cannot do this work alone, we must continue the work with our non-profit partners, labor unions, organizations, and stakeholders. I pledge to continue our work together on diversity, equity, and inclusion - ensuring representation with a seat at the table for a more welcome and just future for us all - interested in policy, platform, advocacy, and Us!

It has been an honor to serve the 46th district democrats on the executive board, platform committee, re-org, resolutions committee, and KCDCC Committee as your 46th LD Representative. As a positive change agent, I am capable and able to bring people together toward one mission. Background: Behavioral and Social Health Services, Diversity & Equity, Therapeutic Approaches, Diversity and Social Justice, and Criminal Justice Reform.

I would be honored to be your voice and ears in the state party and if elected, I will work hard to ensure your concerns on the issues are represented and in the room.

And, I am honored to ask for your vote!


Corina Pfeil


Candidate: Jon Culver   

  • Office: State Committee Member
  • Neighborhood:  Kenmore
  • Gender: Male   
  • Pronouns: He / him / his

I'm Jon Culver, I'm a fourth-term Precinct Committee Officer, and a technologist working in the political, organizing, and civic space. I'm also a Dad, and a 46th resident for about six years.

For several election cycles now, I've worked extensively both within the party, and for Democratic campaigns up and down the ticket.

In 2016, I launched an initiative called which to date has registered over 1,500 Democratic PCOs across the state.

In 2017, I launched a campaign called Filepalooza!, aimed at building the bench with more experienced Democratic candidates. We've successfully fielded and elected hundreds of candidates across the state. It was the blueprint for the Rise and Run program that the WA Dems launched two years later.

For my work, I've received numerous awards, including Innovative Leader of the Year from King County Democrats, and the Honorary Star Award from the Snohomish County Democrats.

I've twice been elected to represent the 46th, both as an LD Delegate to the Washington State Convention, and as a CD / National Delegate to the DNC Convention, in 2016 and 2020.

I've also been very busy campaigning these last few years, working for Democratic Presidential Campaigns on their National Tech Teams, in 2016 and 2020, as well as Congressional Democratic candidates, and City Council races, amongst others.

Through those efforts I've sent hundreds of millions of texts, turned supporters out to campaign events. Importantly: we sent millions of texts into swing states in the run up to the 2020 General Election, and thankfully: helped banish Trump to be a one term President. Good riddance.

With the Presidential cycle (finally!) behind us, I’m running to put that organizing experience and expertise to work here in the 46th and across the state. I know we can crush the scourge that gave way to Trump’s rise, by reaching out to voters and offering them a better vision, and organizing on a massive scale.

My name is Jon Culver and I would be honored to earn your support. Thank you.


King County Representatives

Two, must be of differing genders

Candidate: Anne Udaloy    

  • Office: King County Executive Board Representative
  • Neighborhood:  North Lake Forest Park
  • Gender: Female   
  • Pronouns: she/her

I would be deeply honored to serve a second term as one of your representatives to the King County Democrats Central Committee (KCDCC) and I ask for your vote.

I am a professional hydrogeologist with a strong grounding in environmental science, including a BA and MS in Geology. I’ve lived in the Seattle/Lake Forest Park area for more than 30 years and have been volunteering with the 46th District Democrats for about 5 years. I worked to create our Environment and Climate Caucus and I help with our efforts to get out the vote. I also serve as the membership Chair for the Environment & Climate Caucus of the Washington State Democrats.

King County Democrats is a “sibling organization” of the legislative districts. In my initial term I’ve worked to improve the County organization’s ability to respectfully partner with legislative district organizations. For the last two years I have also served as the volunteer Chair of the KCDCC PCO Recruitment & Training Committee, which is separate from my service as one of your KCDCC representatives.

My goals for this term would be to bring the concerns of the 46th District Democrats to KCDCC with particular focus on improving candidate questionnaires for endorsements. I would also continue bringing a strong voice of science our debates, especially with respect to environmental resolutions, and  will continue encouraging our members to communicate respectfully as we become a more diverse and inclusive organization.


Candidate: Hunter K. Brown   

  • Office: King County Executive Board Representative
  • Neighborhood:  South Wedgwood
  • Gender: Male   
  • Pronouns: he/him

For the past two years I have acted as your representative to King County Democrats and I would be honored to represent you for another two years. In that position, I have ensured that the perspective of the 46th is carried forward and represented at the King County Democrats.

In addition to carrying your voice forward, I have also been assisting KCDCC by serving on their Finance committee, which is chaired by district powerhouse, Melissa Taylor. If re-elected I plan to continue to work closely with her on the finance committee and aid KCDCC in continuing to build our party.

I have also been serving as the Chair of our Resolutions and Platform Committee and last spring I served as your representative to the Washington State Democrat’s Platform Committee. In doing so I reached out to our PCO’s and members to ensure that their voices were heard and fought to include their additional planks and revisions in the State Platform.

I’m a native of the Pacific Northwest, civil engineer, proud parent, and member of the Keniatize tribe. Prior to becoming a civil engineer, I was a guide in the outdoor industry, an experience that fueled my passion for the environment, and then a small business owner which gave me a greater sense of responsibility and service to others.

I believe that my diverse background and strong ties to the Pacific Northwest will continue to serve me well, in representing the needs and will of 46th. Thank you for your consideration.


King County Alternates

Two, must be of differing genders

Candidate: John Finelli   

  • Office: King County Executive Board Alternate
  • Neighborhood:  Wedgwood
  • Gender: Male   
  • Pronouns: he/him

My name is John Finelli.  I have now lived in Seattle 7 years and become engaged with local politics in 2015 when I got involved with my local community council.

Since then I have become more involved in local politics and dabble with national as well. During my tenure with the (WCC) Wedgwood Community Council I started as the Transportation Committee Chair and served as alternate to the NEDC before taking on the role of Board President. During my service I created a community event called the Wedgwood Community Picnic navigated tumultuous city improvement projects, met with local D4/D5 City leaders and also served North Seattle College Presidents Advisory Board.

For this new role within our community I hope to be able to assist the King County Executive Board as an alternate in whatever capacity our LD needs to facilitate a strong progressive future for our planet and children.

I am married father of two girls(16) and a boy (9). Thank you.


Candidate: Catherine Creason   

  • Office: King County Executive Board Alternate
  • Neighborhood:  Kenmore
  • Gender: Female   
  • Pronouns: She/Her

My name is Catherine Creason and I’m running as an alternate representative to the King County Democrats Central Committee (KCDCC).

I currently serve as an elected PCO in the 46th Legislative District and as the deputy vice chair for outreach with the King County Democrats. In my role with the King County Democrats, I have worked to recruit diverse PCO candidates for the #FillEverySeatProject. Last year I also worked with the PCO R&T Committee to create an automated PCO application to streamline the process for both PCO applicants and the legislative districts.

I have had the privilege of working within the field of higher education for the past 12 years of my career, where I have worked to support the educational and career goals of international students coming to the United States. I look forward to serving my community in this role and thank you for your consideration.



Candidate: Emily Anderson     

  • Office: Secretary
  • Neighborhood:  University Village
  • Gender: Female   
  • Pronouns: she/her

My name is Emily Anderson. I was born and raised in Seattle. Since I was a child in elementary school, my parents made sure I was knowledgeable about local politics. Throughout school I remained active in politics, and when I returned from college I was involved with the 36th district dems.

Now after moving into the 46th district I am happy to stay active with the Dems. I've volunteered at various events and fundraisers. I am now hoping to become the next secretary.

I have a strong attention to detail and in my work I was usually the one taking notes during meetings. Accuracy, transparency, and clear communication are the values I bring with me.


Officers At-large

Nine – no gender balance requirements, but must include at least one officer from each of the three cities: Kenmore, Lake Forest Park, and Seattle.  Candidates are listed in the order that they filed.


Candidate: Bill Meyers     

  • Office: At-Large
  • Neighborhood:  Lake City
  • Gender: Male   
  • Pronouns: he/his

In 2020 I served as Secretary for the 46th Democrats.

While I am happy that Joe Biden will be President, I still think these are dangerous times. So I would like to continue to do Democratic Party work. I joined the 46th LD Democrats in 2017, became an acting PCO, then an elected PCO, and helped with the PCO committee.

Prior to that I served on a rural, combined elementary/high school public School Board in California for 8 years. Most of my life I worked on single-issue politics, mainly anti-war when I was young, then more social justice, labor organizing, and mainly environmental work more recently. In the Presidential primaries I volunteered for Vice-President elect Kamala Harris, and then Elizabeth Warren.

If elected to the Executive Board I will try my best to keep our organization active, fair and transparent.


Candidate: Melanie O’Cain    

  • Office: At-Large
  • Neighborhood:  Kenmore
  • Gender: Female   
  • Pronouns: she/her

I’m a first term Kenmore City Councilmember who wants to get more involved with our local Democratic Party. I’m passionate about environmental stewardship, climate change, sustainable development, diversity, equity, and inclusion, living wage job creation, and Medicare for all.

I want to use my voice to represent the needs of our community and be a part of furthering 46th District Democrats vision. We are in the midst of a political crisis in our nation and I want to be a part of the solution. I believe in the Democratic Party. I encourage others to lift their voices and find opportunities to actively participate in our democracy. When we recognize the power of our truth and work together there is hope.

With this hope we will tackle the greatest issues of our time and make this world a better place. I am able to listen and have the courage to stand for our highest values. It would be an honor to serve as an at-large board member for the 46th District Democrats.


Candidate: Lori Shelden     

  • Office: At-Large
  • Neighborhood:  Ravenna
  • Gender: Female   
  • Pronouns: she/her

I have served on the Board as Communications Chair for the past four years as well as represented my precinct as a PCO. In collaboration with the Tech Chair, Comms Co-Chair, and our leadership, I helped build the foundation for a communications effort to better engage our membership, drive our GOTV efforts to achieve record voter turnout and redesign a website and digital communications to better inform our members.

I initially ran for office due to the outcome of the 2016 election. My intent was to have a seat at the table to help deliver the Democratic agenda, support Democrats in our local and state elections, as well as get a new Democrat administration back to the White House.

Our work continues and the issues are large, from systemic racism, disinformation, the increase in homelessness, healthcare, unemployment, climate change, infrastructure, partisan politics, and division within our party.

Like 2016, I want to remain a committed and active board member to be part of the solution to best address our community concerns and continue the work we started to better inform and engage our constituents. I ask all voting members to support my candidacy to remain a committed and passionate member of the 46th Legislative District Executive Board.

Thank you, Lori Shelden


Candidate: Brian Berry     

  • Office: At-Large
  • Neighborhood: Maple Leaf
  • Gender: Male   
  • Pronouns: he/him/his

I am running for Member-At-Large because I want to contribute my skills and experience to the Democratic Party in general, and the 46th District Democrats specifically, because I care deeply about our democratic process.

My experience with the Democratic Party began when I lived in Oregon. I served on the Washington County Democrats Executive board from 1992 to 1994, and was the Young Democrats Coordinator. I was the Vice Chair and then the Chair of Nationwide Insurance’s Civic Action Program for the Western Regional Office, and was honored as their National Volunteer of the Year.

When I moved to Washington to pursue a career in software, my political involvement took a backseat to my career and raising my (now grown) children. Now I am in a position where I have the time and energy to again be an active participant in the political process. Over the last year, I took on the following roles:

  • Legislative District 46 Delegate to the Washington State Democratic State Convention
  • Member of the 46th LD Endorsement Rules Taskforce
  • Phonebanking for Elizabeth Warren

I have also been a very strong financial contributor to the 46th LD and to a number of Democratic Candidates at local and federal levels.

As a veteran of the United States Air Force, and an active member of the community, I am excited to serve the 46th Legislative District.


Candidate: Erika Krebs   

  • Office: At-Large
  • Neighborhood: Pinehurst
  • Gender: Female   
  • Pronouns: she/her

My name is Erika Krebs and I've been an At-Large Member of the 46th Executive Board since 2016. Looking to fill a position of need, I worked with the Chair to create a new position as Tech Chair. I have fully embraced this position as my 4th child (yes, I have three little ones at home)!

Some of my accomplishments have been:

  • Worked closely with the Communications chair and committee to create a brand new website, including branding, layout, and UX, to back end logistics and technical issues.
  • Managed and moderated social media.
  • Volunteered for GOTV, co-hosted a voter registration drive, phone banked, and organized a large Mom's Postcarding event.

I live in the Pinehurst neighborhood with my husband, our twin 9 year old sons, my 7 year old daughter, our dog, and a cat - whew! I'm a writer, which includes a best-selling cookbook and my own family-advice column for a culinary non-profit.

If I were re-elected, my goals would include expanding social media, making 46th Dems more influential. I'd also like to continue the tech support for the new website. I'd like to recruit more activists and new members that can bring exciting energy to the organization. I'd like to support the PCO chair by helping with any new training videos.

I've been extremely grateful for you allowing me to be a part of the board for the last 4 years and look forward to continuing to represent you on the Board.


Candidate: Debby Nissen

  • Office: At-Large
  • Neighborhood: Licton Springs
  • Gender: Female   
  • Pronouns: she/her

I am proud to be a vital part of a powerful grass roots as we build a strong and active Democratic Party. Our mission-- to expand voters, to provide a color- and class-blind justice system, and to promote candidates that reflect the amazing diversity of Americans-- requires a strong 46th.

As a member of the E-Board, I dedicated my planning skills, my nose for BS, my pragmatic and optimistic mindset, and my union and educator experience to our District’s efforts.  The E-Board provided strong leadership as we quickly and successfully switched from caucus to Primary, created ways to work  together virtually, found the resources to educate the voters,  provided opportunities to become anti-racist,  and supported our dedicated activists in the 46th and beyond.

I want to continue to contribute as we launch into the crucial local election season, to finish my work as Rules Chair to make a more perfect Endorsement process and update our By-Laws. We must improve our voter outreach and education, ensure we are welcoming and open to all, and provide many inviting opportunities for involvement.

You would honor me with your vote. Be assured I am dedicated to our work for the long haul. I am inspired to be like the  91-year-old who organized her LTC group to write 100’s of postcards in 2020!  I have the time and commitment to build on our victories. I do what needs to be done, show up, and finish what I start.



Candidate: Ken Kassover

  • Office: At-Large
  • Neighborhood: North Lake Forest Park
  • Gender: Male   
  • Pronouns: he/him

I am running for an At Large position on the Executive Committee because I feel a personal responsibility to help move our Community, State and Country in a more progressive direction.

I am a retired neuropsychologist and active musician and as a member of the 46th District Democrats I have regularly attended meetings and am currently serving my second term as an elected PCO. I’ve been a delegate to both County and State Conventions and have worked to support candidates endorsed by our District for many years. I was recently chosen to serve as a community member on a team that will be called when deadly force is used by a police officer. When I lived in Colorado, I was a Democratic Precinct Chair and was on Senator Gary Hart’s healthcare advisory committee.

I am proud of our 46th District Democrats. I admire our current LD leaders and elected officials and am running because I would like to help them make further progress in achieving a society in which we work towards universal healthcare, better education for all, a strong separation of Church and State, a fair progressive tax system and in which we do everything we can to save our precious planet. Having been a member of the American Federation of Musicians I also strongly support workers’ rights and respect for all members of our society.


Candidate: Zoë True

  • Office: At-Large
  • Neighborhood: Bryant
  • Gender: Female   
  • Pronouns: she/her

I am running for re-election as an at-large executive board member. In this role I will continue to foster policy discussions related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring that our district lives up to our Democratic values and all our members are well equipped to inform voters on these issues.

I came to Seattle in 2013 to attend graduate school at UW, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance and have made this wonderful city my home ever since. I've been politically active for over a decade: as a field organizer to win back congress in 2006, as a field office manager in 2008 for Obama, and on a variety of initiative and policy work since then.

Here in Seattle, I've had the honor of serving on the City of Seattle Women's Commission and on the executive board of the 46th Dems as the Community Outreach Committee Chair. In this role, I've supported our fundraising efforts, GOTV, and strategic planning, but the activity I am most proud of is the speaker series that the Community Outreach Committee has organized this past year focused on race and social justice. We have brought in speakers on a broad range of issues, including policing, housing discrimination, and campaigning as a person of color. Learning more deeply about these policy issues gives us the knowledge and tools to support voters and produce productive conversations on policy.

It would be an honor to serve for another term and continue this work.


Candidate: Jeff D. Almeida

  • Office: At-Large
  • Neighborhood: Kenmore
  • Gender: Male   
  • Pronouns: he/him

I'm Jeff Almeida, and I've been involved in Democratic politics a long time... and I say that staring down the barrel of my impending 50th birthday. 2021 will mark my 8th year living in the 46th, most of which I've spent as PCO here in the northwest end of Kenmore (absent, unfortunately, 2018 I sat out while hospitalized).

A couple of years prior to moving here, I served as the vice-chair of the Ada County Dems in Idaho, a county with nearly 1/3 that state's population. I've also served on the Rules Committee here in the 46th, and I've also had the honor of serving on the Rules Committee for the state conventions in both Texas and Idaho, as well as the statewide Rules Committee in the latter, where I helped engineer a rewrite of the state bylaws.

As we've seen played out dramatically in our nation in the last week, competence and experience matter, and those are what I hope to help protect and foster within our highly-successful district organization.


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