46th Dems June News Roundup

Hello 46th District Democrats ­– 

First things first ...

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Now back to our 'What we did this month' recaps ...

46th District Dems School Board Candidate Forum

On June 20, Treasurer Melissa Taylor moderated this event, which was attended by School Board candidates from the following races:

  • District 1
    • Blaine Parce
    • Debbie Carlsen
    • Eliza (Liza) Rankin
  • District 3
    • Ben Gitenstein
    • Christie Robertson
    • Evan Briggs

Candidates responded to questions submitted by members, sharing their thoughts on everything from the budget, to accountability, to the possibility of school consolidations. You can see their Candidate Questionnaires here.

And our thanks to Elections Chair, Christy Wood, for planning and organizing this informative forum!

When this event adjourned at 7:34pm, we move immediately to our ...

June Membership Meeting + School Board Endorsements

Following a welcome and declaration of quorum by Chair Hunter Brown, and a Land Acknowledgement by Member, Kathy Kelly, we covered the following business items:

  • We approved a Motion to postpone ratification of actions taken during virtual meetings until an Ad hoc Committee has had the opportunity to review all past meeting minutes.
  • We approved one Executive Board Recommended Motion to endorse the King County Prop No. 1 Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy.
  • We approved the appointment of eight Financial Review Committee Members:
    • Christy Wood (Chair)
    • Anne Udaloy
    • Javier Valdez
    • Kathy Sakahara
    • Tara Gallagher
    • Tom Wingard-Phillips
    • William Li
    • Norma Miller

But the big news of the night was the endorsement of our School Board candidates for Districts 1 and 3:

  • Voting for Director of District 1
    • Blaine Parce, 8 votes,  11%
    • Debbie Carlsen, 37 votes,  49%
    • Liza Rankin, 56 votes,  75% = Endorsed
    • No Endorsement, 2 votes,  3%
      • 75 Total Votes
  • Voting for Director of District 3
    • Ben Gitenstein, 28 votes,  39%
    • Christie Robertson, 58 votes,  82% = Endorsed
    • Evan Briggs, 22 votes,  31%
      • 71 Total Votes

Congratulations to all our endorsed candidates, and our sincere appreciation to every candidate who joined us to address our membership and help us learn more about them.

See the June 20, 2023 Meeting Chat Links and Messages for the meeting Agenda and all your need-to-know info from the meeting.


📢 Missed a Meeting?

No problem! You can watch recordings of many of our meetings on our 46th District Dems YouTube Channel (subscribe today!) And now that we're live streaming directly on YouTube, most recordings can be found under the "Live" tab.

📢 Don't Miss the 46th Dems Summer Picnic!

RSVP HERE, then join us at Northgate Community Center on Sunday, July 9, from 2-4pm. All the details were up above, but if you have any questions, email us at [email protected].


🗳️ PCO Meet & Greet

On Saturday, June 24, over two dozen 46th District Dems PCOs gathered at Kathy Sakahara's house for some training, socializing, and an opportunity to meet other dedicated dems, as we gear up for GOTV season. Thanks for opening up your home to us, Kathy!

PCO Committee Chair, Marc Auerbach, shared tips on using the MiniVan doorbelling application, and experienced PCOs shared their door-belling best practices. Our thanks to all who attended!

And another huge thanks to the 46th Dems endorsed candidates who made appearances, such as Nilu Jenks, Rob Davis, Sarah Reyneveld, and a representative for Councilmember Dan Strauss.

🏛️ 46th Delegation Town Hall

Our 46th Legislative Delegation held its first in-person Town Hall since before the pandemic, on Wednesday, June 28 at the Nathan Hale High School auditorium.

State Senator, Javier Valdez, Representative, Gerry Pollet and Representative, Darya Farivar spent over two hours answers questions from the community and giving updates on the work they're doing on our behalf, in Olympia.

Also, you can get the latest news from each of them by signing up for their newsletters:

Sen. Javier Valdez: https://senatedemocrats.wa.gov/valdez/e-newsletter/
Rep. Gerry Pollet: https://housedemocrats.wa.gov/pollet/e-news/
Rep. Darya Farivar: https://housedemocrats.wa.gov/farivar/e-news/

📌 Last but not least ….

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We have several contribution levels:

  • Student / Limited Income ($10)
  • Individual ($30)
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Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who puts their time and talents into making our organization one of the most well-run in the county!

Hunter Brown and Lisa Rivera Smith
Chair and Vice-Chair

46th District Democrats