46th District Dems August News Roundup

Hello 46th District Democrats ­– 

Here's what our organization was up to in August! 

August 15 Membership Meeting Recap

Our August Membership Meeting was called to order at 7:03pm and adjourned at 8:10pm. Approximately 48 members and guests attended, and here are some highlights from the meetings:

  • As part of the Consent Agenda, we approved the following three PCO appointments:
    • Stephen Song (46-2292)
    • Rachel Lipsky (46-2326)
    • James Edward Williams-Alonzo (46-2370)
  • We endorsed the Seattle Housing Levy (Housing Levy webpage)
  • Without objection, we approved two E-Board Recommended Motions:
    • Motion to amend Standing Rules Section 7.6.2 to:
      “The committee shall review the District's financial records for the period since the previous such review or the past seven years, whichever is shorter, and present a report to the membership within 90 days of their confirmation. The membership may extend this deadline by majority vote.”
    • Motion to extend the deadline for the Financial Review Committee to present its report to January 2024.

  • We approved a Building Emissions Performance Standards Letter
  • We approved a Ranked Choice Voting for Presidential Primaries Resolution.

HUGE THANKS to Effective Meetings Chair, Nathan Antonio, and the many meeting volunteers who kept our meeting running smoothly.

See the August 15, 2023 Meeting Chat Links and Messages for the meeting Agenda and all your need-to-know info from the meeting.

 Looking Ahead ….

46th District Dems Executive Committee Meeting – September 5, at 7:00pm
These monthly meetings are held on the 1st Tuesdays of each month. RSVP here.

46th District Dems PCO Committee Meeting – September 14, from 7:00-8:30pm.
PCO Chair Marc Auerbach will be leading this meeting and will send out more details to those who RSVP here.

46th District Dems Effective Meetings Committee Meeting – September 17, at 7:00pm
These monthly meetings are held on the Sundays preceding Regular Membership Meetings. RSVP here.

46th District Dems Regular Membership Meeting + Endorsements – September 19, at 7:00pm
These monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesdays of each. RSVP here.

46th District Dems Mutual Aid Meal Making – September 23, time TBD
These monthly events will now be held on the Sundays following Membership Meetings, and will be held at various locations. Email Bryce Cannatelli at bcannatelli(at)46dems.org for the details and address.

SAVE THE DATE: 46th District Dems Fall GOTV Launch w/ Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal – Saturday, Oct. 14, from 3:00-5:00pm at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center (6535 Ravenna AVE NE). More details coming soon!

 Renew Membership to Vote on the Sept. 19 Endorsements

We want you to be part of our endorsement process! But since memberships expire on January 31 of each year (in accordance with our Standing Rules), you may not be eligible to vote on Sept. 19 if you still haven't renewed your membership for the 2023 calendar year.

So renew today! Or, by Sept. 18 at the latest, because if you were a paid member in 2022, you will be eligible to vote one (1) day after you renew your dues or receive a dues wavier. Sadly, for those who were *not* members in 2022, the deadline of renewing a minimum of 21 days in advance of a meeting you wish to vote at (Aug. 29, for the Sept. 19 meeting) has past 😢

Not sure what your membership status is? Email Membership Chair Scott Alspach at membership(at)46dems.org to find out what it is.

Refer to the Bylaws and Standing Rules for more information. Renew and/or learn how to receive a waiver here: https://www.46dems.org/become_a_member_today. Then join us on Sept. 19 to vote on our remaining endorsements for the General Election!

🏛️ Connect with our 46th Legislative Delegation

Find out what our State Senator, Javier Valdez, Representative, Gerry Pollet and Representative, Darya Farivar are up to by signing up for their newsletters:

Sen. Javier Valdez: https://senatedemocrats.wa.gov/valdez/e-newsletter/
Rep. Gerry Pollet: https://housedemocrats.wa.gov/pollet/e-news/
Rep. Darya Farivar: https://housedemocrats.wa.gov/farivar/e-news/

📢 Looking for a past meeting?

No problem! You can find recordings of many of our past meetings on our 46th District Dems YouTube Channel (subscribe today!) And now that we live stream Regular Membership Meetings directly on YouTube, most recordings can be found under the "Live" tab.

📌 Last but not least ….

It’s (still) never too late to renew your membership! (or start a new one)

Dues support the costs associated with running the 46th Legislative District, and give you voting power at Membership Meetings, for such items as endorsing candidates, ballot measures and resolutions; electing some executive board positions like At-Large Members of the Executive Board; and adopting and amending our budget.

We have several contribution levels:

  • Student / Limited Income ($10)
  • Individual ($30)
  • Couple/Family ($46)
  • 4600 Club ($100)
  • Friend of the 46th ($146)
  • Supporter of the 46th ($246)
  • Benefactor of the 46th ($546)

Join at https://www.46dems.org/become_a_member_today

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who puts their time and talents into helping our organization thrive! We hope to see you at one of our meetings or events in September.

Hunter Brown and Lisa Rivera Smith
Chair and Vice-Chair,
46th District Democrats