4 Days of final GOTV!

Greetings, Fightin’ 46-ers!

This is your Thursday-before-the-election roundup of news and opportunities for this weekend!

With just four days before the election, we have some key volunteer opportunities, and we also want to let you know of actions our GOTV team is undertaking.

Something to keep in mind:  In the 46th, the name of the game is TURNOUT.  91% of the voters in our district vote Democratic.  Our job is to ensure that our Democratic voters return their ballot and vote this year, and don’t sit this one out.  This actively helps Patty Murray, Steve Hobbs, and Leesa Manion in bumping up their Democratic vote totals.

Make a Plan to Vote! One important action absolutely everyone can take is to ask your family, friends and neighbors if they have returned their ballot and voted.  If they have not, urge them to Make a Plan, and Vote!  Ballot drop boxes and voting centers (where they can replace a ballot, vote at a traditional polling place, get help voting, and register to vote on the spot) are found at this link: https://kingcounty.gov/depts/elections/how-to-vote/ballots/returning-my-ballot.aspx


Saturday 11/5 from 1pm - 4pm

BIG CANVASS with the 46th District and King County Democrats

Get out the vote canvassing is the most effective thing you can do right now. Please join us, bring friends, and do a shift or three knocking on doors! 

We will be joined in person by Leesa Manion, Gerry Pollet, Javier Valdez, and Darya Farivar!

Please sign up today: Click Here

(And yes, last minute canvassers who haven't signed up are welcome to join us, but signing up ensures that we have enough packets pre-assembled.)

Join us to get out the vote for 46th LD endorsed candidates:


Message from Senator Patty Murray’s Campaign:

We are officially less than one week out from Election Day! As you have heard from the campaign all along, Sen. Murray never takes a race for granted, especially in a year like this with renewed Republican enthusiasm and so much at stake in this election. Polls continue to show that this is a single digit race, and we need our friends and supporters out there knocking doors and talking to voters to ensure that Democrats turnout this week.

Sen. Murray will be making GOTV Tour stops this weekend all across Western Washington, and we’d love to see you there to close out this busy cycle. You can sign up to join us Friday in Bremerton and Lakewood, Saturday in Vancouver, Longview, and Olympia, Sunday in Kent, Kirkland, and Everett, and Monday in Bothell, Issaquah, and Seattle

If you can’t make any of these stops, you can sign up for a canvass launch in your area or for virtual phone and text banks HERE. We know that turnout will be important in this race and for many races down the ticket—your help in driving folks to sign up for GOTV shifts in this final stretch will make a big difference. We need all hands on deck for these last 7 days to ensure that folks don’t sit out this election.

And if you’d like to help on social media, HERE is some draft social for this final stretch. We’re asking people in this final week to share on social why they are personally supporting Sen. Murray, and encourage folks to also hold Smiley accountable for her positions by replying to her posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Texting Alert:

If you have not yet returned your ballot, you may get a text from the 46th District this Sunday or Monday.  We are building on our successful texting program from last year, and sending out reminders to voters who still have an outstanding ballot right before election day, reminding them to return their ballot by 8pm election night, and providing a link as to where to find ballot drop boxes and live election vote centers.


Another option to help:  Donate!

Every dollar helps to make sure our candidates stay on the airwaves and online between now and November 8th.


46th District Democrats