Call to 2022 Legislative District Caucus - 10am, March 26

Fellow Democrats,

This is the formal notice of the 2022 46th Legislative District Caucus for the purpose of selecting our Legislative District Delegates to the Washington State Democrats Convention on June 24th and 25th, 2022.

The caucus will be held via Zoom meeting on Saturday, March 26th, starting at 10:00am.  The Zoom meeting will open at 9:00am for check-in.

Members of the 46th District Democrats and guests may register for the caucus at the link below.   

Register in advance for this meeting:

This convention will be held physically in Tacoma, Washington, with a virtual participation option for those who would prefer to not attend in person.

It is my responsibiity as Legislative District Chair to call this caucus under the 2022 Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan passed by the Washington State Democratic Central Committee on January 29th, 2022. 

Under the Washington Delegate Selection and Affirmative Action Plan (DSAAP) all individuals who were members in good standing of the 32nd, 36th, 43rd, or 46th District Democratic Organizations as of February 24th, and live within the recently adopted boundaries for the November elections of the 46th District will be eligible to vote in this caucus.

(Reminder:  Lake Forest Park and Kenmore are now part of the 1st LD, and Laurelhurst is now part of the 43rd LD.  Windermere remains in the 46th LD.)

Link to check your residence address for new LD:

Any individual who resides in the district and identifies themselves as a Democrat and will be 16 on or before General Election Day is eligible to run and serve as a Delegate to the State Convention, regardless of whether they are a district member, or not.  US Citizenship is not required to be a convention delegate.

We will be electing 35 delegates and 18 alternates, under the 2022 DSAAP.

Sign up here to run to be a Convention delegate

The Caucus will begin at 10:00am, on March 26th, 2022, with check-in opening at 9:00am. Members can participate by registering for the meeting at this zoom registration link:

Additionally attached to this notice is the proposed agenda for the caucus as well as the proposed rules, consolidated into one document.   The body will consider adoption early in the caucus on March 26th.

Click here for Proposed Agenda and Rules

Please note, under these proposed Rules a voter must have pre-registered for the meeting and be in the meeting Zoom room to vote, so please prepare for the caucus by registering early, so we can build your ballot code.

Click here to register for the Zoom meeting

On behalf of the Executive Board of the 46th District, we look forward to seeing many of you on March 26th!


Democratically Yours, 

Julie Anne Kempf