Call to March 30 District Meeting

Welcome new and continuing members of The Fightin' 46th! 

- This is the Official Call for the March Meeting of the 46th District Democrats -

Click here to register for the meeting.

We have an excellent program on tap for our first regular monthly meeting!  We will also be doing some important District business, such as electing officers to vacancies under our new map boundaries.

Mark your calendars for 7pm - 9:00pm on Wednesday, March 30!  Register Here!

Everyone welcome!


Call to Meeting

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Mark your calendars and save the Zoom link for Wednesday, March 30th at 7:00pm!

Zoom link to register for meeting

6:30pm - Chat and check your tech

Proposed Agenda:

  • Call to Order
  • Land Acknowledgement
  • Review of Meeting Etiquette and Norms
  • VIP Elected Official Guest Speaker
  • Legislative Session Review
  • Candidate Introductory Panel:  46th LD Senate position 
  • Elections for Vacancies on the Executive Board - see below.  Redistricting has left us with some vacancies - are you interested in a leadership role? 
  • Physical vs. Virtual Meeting Update, and Calendar thru June 2022
  • Discussion and Adoption of Endorsement Rules for 2022 
  • Committee Reports, if needed
  • Good of the Order

New to the 46th? The names of all members in good standing of the 32nd, 36th, and 43rd LDs who were re-districted into the "new" 46th have been provided to us by your former district, and your membership will be recognized by the 46th. Welcome!

Please register for the Zoom meeting as early as possible, so your voting credential can be generated and issued prior to the meeting.  We can avoid a bottleneck as the meeting starts if you register early. 

Vacant offices up for election at this time:

  • State Committee Rep (must be female or gender non-binary identifying)
  • KCDCC Rep - Female or Gender Non-Binary
  • KCDCC Alternates (Both)
  • At least 2 At Large Positions

Questions?  We have a Meet-n-Greet for the 46th District on Wednesday, March 23 at 7:00pm.  Bring your questions about either the caucus (on Saturday, the 26th) or the general meeting (on Wednesday, March 30th), or your general questions about the district.

Zoom link for the March 23rd Meet-n-Greet: 

You may also send your questions to [email protected]

Hope to see you at the meeting!