Call to November 30, 2022 Meeting - 7pm

This is the official digital call to the November meeting of the 46th LD Democrats, which will be held:

November 30, 2022


Physical location: TBA (within the boundaries of the district)

Update 11/25/22:  The physical meeting location will be the Meeting Room at Thornton Place.  This is the same complex as the AMC Theatres are in, across the street from the Northgate Transit Center and a block east of the Light Rail station.  More detailed directions to the room in the reminder post coming Sunday.

Attendance via Zoom offered as an access accommodation to anyone who wishes to attend virtually.  In compliance with the Bylaws, to alert the Chair and Vice Chair of your preference to attend the meeting via Zoom accommodation, please register here;

We ask that all members and PCOs planning to attend either in-person or via Zoom, please fill out this additional attendance count form, so that we can ensure the proper size of facility (for in-person), and proper numbers of meeting administration designees for the Zoom room.

In-Person or Virtual Attendance Count Form 

The following business will be conducted at the November 30 meeting:

Proposed Agenda:

  • Land Acknowledgement
  • Consideration of Bylaws Amendment (PCO only vote)
  • Report of the Platform Committee:  Consideration of Adoption of the 2022 Platform (all members may vote)
  • Officers Reports
  • Good of the Order

Questions on any of these items may be sent to [email protected]

Meeting materials:

Bylaws_Amendment_Proposals_11-30-22.pdf (


Proposed Motion to adopt the 2022 Platform:  

"It is moved that we adopt the Washington State Democrats 2022 platform as our own, and supplement it with a 46th Legislative District City of Seattle Section, as developed by our members during a working session in December, for adoption by December 31, 2022, and allow for our members to vote for it online, or by mail-in ballot for any member who needs non-online accommodation." 

Explanation:  We will provide a link to a survey during the meeting, for members that are interested in participating, to select a date and time. As we did with the State platform, Platform Chair Hunter Brown will provide the ability for people to participate without attending the meeting date and time that was selected, by allowing them to offer amendments in advance of the meeting. The group will then discuss and vote on the amendments. 

Washington State Democratic Platform 2022 (external link)

For a starting point and reference, the previous Seattle section of the last local Platform is found on Page 25 of the 2018 Platform