DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER, WE ARE CANCELLING OUR JANUARY 2020 MEETING, previously scheduled for Wednesday, January 15.

Although we had a great program planned, we have no time-sensitive business that cannot be addressed at our next meeting, and our members' safety is our highest priority.

We also plan to have a fun event in early February, at which we can enjoy some of the program. watch your email for details!

Why the cancellation? Arterial roads are passable in the daytime, particularly in the southern end of the district, but the side roads and hilly roads in far north Seattle, Lake Forest Park, and Kenmore are very treacherous.  In Kenmore, residents have been officially asked by the city not to travel unless necessary. LFP and Kenmore are also in the Lynnwood convergence zone which endures more extreme weather in the winter.

NOAA is forecasting 3 - 6" of snow overnight over the entire 46th district, and a high of no greater than 37 degrees tomorrow, which will not effectively melt and clear ice for the evening. After dark, it is forecast to drop into the 20s, be very windy, and for snow to resume.  With our meeting lasting until 9pm, we may arrive just fine, but have difficulty getting home.

In an abundance of caution, the January 2020 46th District Meeting is cancelled for January 15, 2020.