Endorsements Made at May Endorsement Meeting

The 46th District Democrats made the following endorsements at their May 23, 2021 endorsements meeting:

King County Proposition 1 – Best Starts for Kids

Best Starts for Kids will be up for renewal as a Special Election held concurrently with the Primary on August 3, 2021.  The 46th District Democrats endorses a “Yes” or “Approve” vote on Proposition 1.

Best Starts for Kids is a voter-approved initiative to help put every baby born and every child raised in King County on a path toward lifelong success.

It invests in prevention and early intervention strategies that promote healthier, more resilient children, youth, families and communities. It is considered the most comprehensive approach to early childhood development in the United States, starting with prenatal support, sustaining the gain through teenage years, and investing in safe, healthy communities that reinforce progress.

Best Starts for Kids is making research based on the latest neuroscience available to all parents and caregivers so that every child and youth in our region has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.


Candidates Endorsed in May who will be appearing on the Primary Ballot on August 3, 2021:

  • Kenmore City Council Position 4: Nigel Herbig
  • Kenmore City Council Position 6: Debra Srebnik
  • Seattle City Council District 8: Teresa Mosqueda
  • Seattle City Council Position 9: Brianna Thomas
  • Northshore School District: Amy Cast
  • Northshore School District: Sandy Hayes
  • Northshore School District: Jaqueline McGourty


Candidates Endorsed in May who will not have a Primary, who will appear first on the General Election Ballot on November 2, 2021:

  • King County Council, District 1: Rod Dembowski
  • King County Superior Court, Position 47: Andrea Robertson
  • Port of Seattle, Position 1: Ryan Calkins
  • Port of Seattle, Position 3: Hamdi Mohamed
  • Port of Seattle, Position 4: Toshiko Hasegawa
  • Kenmore City Council Position 2: Joe Marshall
  • Kenmore City Council Position 3: Angela Kugler
  • Lake Forest Park City Council Position 1: Semra Riddle
  • Lake Forest Park City Council Position 3: Stephanie Angelis
  • Lake Forest Park City Council Position 5: Tracy Furutani
  • Lake Forest Park City Council Position 7: Larry Goldman
  • Shoreline School District: Sarah Cohen


Races considered in May which will appear in the Primary, on which the district membership took no action. 

This should not be construed negatively for any candidate involved in these races.  Often when there are multiple strong candidates in a race, support may be spread out over candidates, and no single candidate can reach the 60% voting threshold required by the 46th District Democrats for an endorsement in the Primary.

We will automatically consider these races again at our endorsement meeting for the General Election.

The only candidates listed are those who met our requirements to be eligible for endorsement by our organization and were considered at the May endorsement meeting.  There may be other non-Democrats appearing on the ballot, as well.


King County Executive:

  • Dow Constantine
  • Joe Nguyen


Mayor of Seattle:

  • Colleen Echohawk
  • Jessyn Farrell
  • Lorena González
  • Bruce Harrell
  • Andrew Grant Houston
  • Lance Randall
  • Don L. Rivers
  • Casey Sixkiller


Seattle City Attorney:

  • Pete Holmes
  • Nicole Thomas-Kennedy