ICYMI: September Regular Membership Meeting Recap

On Tuesday, Sept. 19, we held our Regular Membership Meeting, plus Endorsements. Approximately 116 members, guests and candidates attended, and here are some highlights from the meetings:

🔵 Membership Meeting & Endorsements

Following a welcome and declaration of quorum by Chair Hunter Brown, and a Land Acknowledgement by Member, Kathy Kelly, we covered the following business items:

  • We approved the Consent Agenda without objection.
  • We approved a Resolution to Endorse Access to Natural Psychedelic Entheogens by the Washington State Legislature; and Moved to Postpone until on or before our November Regular Membership Meeting, a Resolution to Support the People of Ukraine in their Defense Against Russian Genocide and Colonialism
  • We approved the endorsement of the following candidates for General Election races:
    • For Seattle City Council, District 5
      • Cathy Moore, 40 votes - 41.67%
      • ChrisTiana ObeySumner, 66 votes - 68.75% = Endorsed
        • 96 Total Votes
    • For Seattle School Board Director of District 2
      • Lisa Rivera Smith, 75 votes - 94.94% = Endorsed
      • No Endorsement, 4 votes - 5.06%
        • 79 Total Votes
    • For Seattle School Board for Director of District 3
      • Ben Gitenstein, 37 votes - 45.68%
      • Evan Briggs, 49 votes - 60.49% = Endorsed
      • No Endorsement - 3 votes - 3.70%
        • 89 Total Votes
    • For Seattle School Board for Director of District 6
      • Gina Topp, 74 votes, 96.1% = Endorsed
      • No Endorsement, 3 votes = 3.9%
        • 77 Total Votes
    • For King County, Councilmember of District 2
      • Girmay Zahilay - 75 - 97.4% = Endorsed
      • No Endorsement - 2 votes, 2.6%
        • 77 Total Votes

Congratulations to all our endorsed candidates, and our sincere appreciation to every candidate who joined us to address our membership and help us learn more about them.

See the September 19, 2023 Meeting Chat Links and Messages for the meeting Agenda and all your need-to-know info from the meeting.

And last but not least ... MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the following events and happenings:

  • 46th District Dems Bylaws & Rules Committee Meeting – Wednesday, Sept. 27, at 7:00pm
    Join the BRC as it begins discussions on a Code of Conduct for the 46th District Dems. RSVP here.

  • 46th District Dems Executive Committee Meeting – Tuesday, October 3, at 7:00pm
    These monthly meetings are held on the 1st Tuesdays of each month. RSVP here.

  • 46th District Dems Environmental Caucus – Tuesday, Oct. 10, 7:00-8:00pm
    These monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesdays of each month. Click here to attend.

  • 46th District Dems Fall GOTV Launch w/ Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal – Saturday, Oct. 14, from 3:00-5:00pm at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center (6535 Ravenna AVE NE). Following up on our Summer Picnic, this Fall Fest will be another chance to see your fellow 46th District Dem members in person! We'll also be joined by many of our endorsed candidates. RSVP here

    And while you're at it ...

    ⭐ BE A STAR and make a commitment to canvass voters in your precinct (or in a precinct without a PCO)! Email PCO Chair Marc Auerbach at [email protected] to request canvassing materials.

    If you email PCO Chair, Marc Auerbach, in advance, the PCO Committee will have your materials ready for pickup at the Fall Fest GOTV launch. Email him today!

Thanks to all who attended our meeting this month, and we hope to see you next month at our Fall Fest on September 14!

– Chair Hunter Brown
46th District Democrats