News You Can Use + 2022 Canvassing Opportunities!

News YOU can Use!

Fall Election Kickoff Edition

Treasurer Mike Pelliciotti Event on Wednesday at the Convention Center:

We still have just a couple of tickets left which are reserved for grassroots volunteers and PCOs for just $30 at the 46th LD Table at State Treasurer Mike Pelliciotti's event at noon on Wednesday 9/28 with keynote presented by retired Seahawk Doug Baldwin!

Mike is the only state office level candidate who defeated a Republican incumbent on the ballot in 2022 - in the entire nationCome support his re-election campaign!

We have secured a pair of free tickets, as well, for volunteers of modest means.  All 46th District attendees will be together at a 46th LD table.

Juie Anne is compiling the list, so please send your interest in attending to [email protected]


Canvassing Events to kick off General Election Season 2022:

Note to all of our members:  All of the PCOs have been called upon to canvass or do mail outreach to their precincts (and more if they can) this season, but even if you are not a PCO, you can adopt a vacant precinct - you don’t even have to live there!  Just contact Vice Chair Andrzej Montaño at [email protected].

Here’s the message sent to PCOs by Andrzej – please join in the canvassing work and fun if you can!

"Fall has arrived, which means we have more canvassing options than ever (and you can usually catch me delivering homemade fruity cinnamon rolls to our in-person events)! 

This Sunday (9/25) we'll be canvassing with the Coordinated Campaign again.  We'll meet at Inverness Ravine Park at noon, and knock on doors nearby.  You can sign up here:

Then, at 2 pm on Sunday (9/25), we'll be joining Pooja Vaddadi, our endorsed candidate for Seattle Municipal Court Position 3.  We'll be meeting at Ravenna Eckstein Park, and you can sign up here:

If you're still feeling the need to contact voters on Monday (9/26), you can join Leesa Manion's campaign for King County Prosecutor for their weekly virtual phonebank

You can also sign up to canvass with Darya Farivar's campaign on Saturdays in October here:

And finally, don't forget to sign up for our Maple Leaf canvass next Sunday October 2ndState Reps. Javier Valdez and Gerry Pollet will be joining us while we canvass with the Coordinated Campaign


Help Fight Climate Change with the Residential Building Code

Sign the Petition!

FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE: Home & buildings are one of the largest, fastest-growing sources of climate pollution in WA. We can change this and make homes more comfortable with #heatpumps and #cleancodes for new construction.

The 46th District approved a letter to be sent to the Washington State Building Code Council at the meeting held on September 21: 

 Residential Energy Code Support Letter


Reading Materials for the Resolution on Housing Affordability:

We had a minor technical mishap with the links placed in the chat, and are recovering the file to include in our next online news round-up!


Happy first Weekend of Autumn!