Party with a Purpose!


In this of all years, we do not ask for your dollars lightly, and you deserve to know where your dollars will go.

We are committed that every dollar we raise for this event will go to our Get-Out-The-Vote effort to pay to print and mail our 2020 voter guides.

In a "normal" year, our PCOs and volunteers would canvass their precinct and personally deliver our voters guide.  This year, due to Covid-19 , must mail the guides to voters, and we are mailing first class to (hopefully) avoid USPS mail delays.

If we reach our goal of $10,000 we will be able to safely reach over 34,000 voters across the 46th Legislative District that we believe will vote a straight Democratic (or Democratic-endorsed) ticket, and will vote in every single race, which will help our critical down-ballot races all over the state.

Yes, the 46th District is capable of delivering the winning margin in lower-profile races for the entire state.  We are just that blue, if we can turn out our voters, and persuade them to vote our endorsements completely down the ballot.

But what will your donation buy? 

  • The cost of printing, addressing, and mailing one voter guide to one household is $0.68. That means a $10 donation will cover 15 households with (on average) 25 voters across an entire neighborhood. 
  • On our wish list of voters to reach, the average precinct has 110 households. That means a $75 donation will cover the entire precinct. 
  • For an area the size of Lake Forest Park, we hope to reach 1950 households. A donation of $1,300 covers the entire city. 

This cycle, every vote is going to count, and that's why we will make sure that every dollar counts as well.

The more dollars we raise, the more voters we will reach. Period.


P.S. We are in striking distance! As of this morning we have already raised over $8,000 dollars! Together we can do this!