Recall Sheriff Fortney and Volunteer Opportunities!

What a relief it has been to watch President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris roll up their sleeves and get to work in the past two weeks.  There’s a lot to do yet, but the sense of normalcy that is returning to our nation is a breath of fresh air.

Locally, we still have work to do.  It’s time to dig in!

We have three opportunities this week to make an impact in our communities, and one Save the Date:

1.  Recall Snohomish County Sheriff Fortney

2.  Help Legal Voice in surveying domestic workers and their employers

3.  Volunteer for 46th LD committees

4.  Save the Date (Feb 17th) for next general district meeting


1.  The Recall Sheriff Fortney Campaign – The Snohomish County Sheriff is a right-wing extremist who believes himself a “Constitutional Sheriff”. He has been tormenting vulnerable communities, and restoring officers found guilty of misconduct to duty. Click here to learn more about the recall campaign that has been launched against him.  We share a long border with Snohomish County, and our allies and neighbors in Snohomish county urgently need our help – please consider volunteering for this important petition gathering work that has to be completed this month, at this google forms link.  Anne Udaloy is coordinating efforts here in our district.

2.  Legal Voice is working closely with Casa Latina and other groups that organize domestic workers and mobilize their employers to improve the rights of domestic workers. The coalition is conducting a survey of domestic workers and employers to learn about their experiences and opinions related to providing benefits for domestic workers.  If you know a domestic worker, or employ one, PLEASE fill out the survey as soon as possible.

Background:  Domestic workers, such as nannies, home care workers, and housecleaners, continue to work under dire economic conditions that have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. The struggles of domestic workers are a key gender and race equity issue: over 90% of domestic workers are women and over 50% or Black, Latinx, or Asian American/Pacific Islander.

The surveys close on February 19th.  Please respond or forward to your networks before then.


3.  The 46th District is seeking volunteers to help with committees and actions in the upcoming year. We have eleven committees impacting everything from our canvassing and GOTV effort to how we can continuously improve our communications during the pandemic and beyond, plus some special projects to staff up. We would love to involve as many 46ers as possible! Click here for a google form to gather interest from district members and supporters – if you are interested in serving, please sign up!  For more information on what the various committees do, please read here


4.  February 17th: SAVE THE DATE for our first 46th District general meeting of the year. We will gather on Wednesday the 17th in the evening to hear from King Conservation District candidates, enjoy a Black History Month presentation, vote on the 2021 budget, and be introduced to proposals for endorsement rules and Bylaws adjustments to be voted on at the March meeting.  Environmental Caucus will meet before the meeting at 5:30pm, with the general meeting starting at 7:00pm.  More information in the call to meeting coming soon!