Reminder! August Endorsement Meeting Wednesday, 8/31, 7:00pm

Reminder to Members!

On August 31, we will have our second meeting of the year that is principally focused on endorsements.  We have some ballot measures to consider, some races that did not appear on the ballot for the Primary, and of course, State House Position 2.

 This is the formal call to the August 2022 Meeting of the 46th LD Democrats on Wednesday 8/31/22 at 7:00pm - held via Zoom.

Click here to register for the August regular + endorsements meeting.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Please be certain to register in advance for the Zoom meeting at the link above.  Members who are registered for the meeting will receive their voting code via email two hours in advance of the meeting, which will make the check-in process go smoothly.  Those who do not register in advance will have to have their membership verified and checked at the virtual "door".  If too many members do this, the line will be long, and the meetng may be delayed, as we cannot start until ALL members are credentialled.  Help us start on time be registering in advance!

Members in good standing may vote, guests may observe to proceedings.

Are you wondering if you, your family members or friends are members in good standing, and eligible to vote at the endorsement meeting?  Find the complete membership list here: 

The candidates for the House Position 2 race each have been provided an identical list of contact information from the district to reach out to membership.  We do not have contact information for all family members on family memberships, however.

Agenda for August Regular Meeting + Endorsements

Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Zoom link to register for August 31 meeting

Credentials will only be provided by email in advance of the meeting to those registered on Zoom for the meeting.  Save yourself and other members some time before the meeting by registering in advance.  If everyone registers at least one day in advance of the meeting, we are more likely to be able to begin on time.

6:00pm -  Virtual Doors open for credentialing

7:00pm - Proposed Agenda:

  • Call to Order
  • Land Acknowledgement
  • Adoption of Agenda 
  • Preview Endorsement Meeting Procedure in Brief.  Link to Endorsement Rules 
  • Practice Vote using electronic ballots
    • Announcement of final candidates not previously endorsed after filing week who have submitted a questionnaire
    • Races with no Democrat who is a challenger  (considered as a slate)
    • Order of Races if they are flagged for individual consideration, or have more than one Democratic candidate:
      • King County Charter Amendment
      • King County Proposition 1
      • State House of Representatives
      • Seattle Propositions 1A & 1B
      • Initiative 135 - Social Housing (February 2023)
      • Misellaneous Municipal and District Court Positions not considered in May
  • Treasury Report
  • Time Sensitive: Resolution Opposing Use of Gasoline Powered Leaf Blowers in the City of Seattle  (Scroll to bottom of documents page for Resolutions)
  • Review of June Minutes
  • Other Committee and Officer Reports if time allows
  • Good of the Order if time allows

If you have any questions about anything on either meeting agenda, feel free to respond to this email.