THIS SUNDAY: 46th District Dems Summer Picnic

We hope to see you THIS SUNDAY, 2 to 4pm at the Northgate Community Center for our 2023 46th District Dems Summer Picnic!

RSVP here to help us with food and prize planning!

And don't let the donation ask stop you from attending! We understand that not everyone is able to give, so feel free to select the no-cost "Volunteer and/or Living Lightly" option and consider yourself registered!

Then, get ready to ...

– Mingle with elected officials!

– Get cozy with candidates for local offices!

– Snap a few pictures in our GOTV Photo Booth!

– Pick up your PCO precinct walking materials!

– Satisfy your snack attack with tasty treats and beverages!

– Win prizes in our Summer Scavenger Hunt!

And so much more! This event is for all ages, so RSVP at

THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS for helping us fund this event and our forthcoming GOTV efforts:

Pramila Jayapal
Bob Ferguson
Darya Farivar

Javier Valdez
Gerry Pollet
Jeanne Kohl-Welles
Fred Felleman
Liza Rankin
Lisa Rivera Smith
Hunter Brown
Galaxy Marshall
Ron Davis
Nilu Jenks
Sarah Reyneveld
Christie Robertson
Scott Alspach
Christy Wood
John Wyble
Michael Jacobson

Sponsorships are open to all (not just candidates!), are available at several levels, and all sponsors will receive a custom name badge designed by local Native artist Denise L. Emerson. Learn more at our 46th Dems Summer Picnic Sponsorships page.

See YOU on Sunday!

– Chair Hunter Brown
46th District Democrats