Vote NO on Northshore Fire Merger - Prop.1!

Kenmore and Lake Forest Park Voters!

Mail or Drop your ballots by April 27th

Vote NO on Proposition 1:

Northshore Fire - Woodinville Fire Merger

Support your FIREFIGHTERS!

No on Prop 1

Proposition 1, the proposed merger between Northshore Fire Department and Woodinville Fire & Rescue:

  •  Offers NO increase to emergency services
  • Proposes a budget and structure that is financially unsustainable
  • Reduces the wages of our Northshore Firefighters
  • Merges two jurisdictions that do not share borders


Proposition 1 is opposed by:

  • Firefighters Local 2459 - Northshore
  • The Kenmore City Council
  • The Lake Forest Park City Council
  • The 46th Legislative District Democrats
  • Three of Five Northshore Fire Commissioners


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Please VOTE NO on April 27th!

From the Bothell-Kenmore Reporter:

Now both firefighters union and fire commissioners oppose the proposed district merger

Union claims the merger would neither save money nor provide better services for tax payers.


Kenmore City Council approves resolution in opposition of merger of Northshore Fire Department with Woodinville Fire & Rescue

Special Election for Prop. 1 to take place on April 27th.