We need your help ballot chasing this weekend!

Our next-door neighbors in the Shoreline portion of the 32nd LD will be chasing ballots with signature issues this weekend, and up to May 6th.

They need our help!

Signature curing/chasing is easy work, as you are providing a service to the voter and getting their ballot counted by refreshing their signature.  It's mostly a matter of reaching someone at home.

If you are willing to do some socially distanced in-person canvassing to cure signatures this weekend, you can connect one of two ways:

1.  Volunteers are gathering at the Starbucks at 185th St N and Midvale Ave N (just off Aurora) at 10am on Saturday, May 1.  Come grab a cup of coffee and a handful of voters' names to cure!  Instructions provided.

2.  If you cannot join the group start on Saturday morning, please contact 32nd LD Democrats' Chair (and Shoreline City Councilmember) Christopher Roberts at [email protected] to help ballot chase on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

Why do they urgently need to cure signatures?

The situation is both interesting and urgent - our neighbors in Shoreline are in the midst of a tight race where every single ballot will count for an unexpected reason.

Currently, Shoreline's Proposition 1, which is a bond measure for Parks and Recreation funding, is currently failing.

However, Proposition 1 is failing due to turnout, as opposed to due to actual support. The vote is at 72.7% YES for the bonds, but there just aren't enough actual total ballots cast and valid to be counted to meet the requirement of 40% of the votes cast in the previous general election. (This is one of the few downsides of an extremely high turnout election, such as the one we just had in 2020 - it makes the voter turnout validation requirement for bonds and certain other measures extremely high for the next year.)

Currently, they are 127 ballots returned and able to be counted short of the number needed for validation. The measure has 120 ballots pending with signature issues that can be chased, and they need an additional 7 ballots beyond that to be returned right now overall.

We expect that there will be an additional 15-20 ballots delivered tomorrow, and possibly as many as 10 delivered on Monday. With 30 ballots, there may be as many as five that are rejected for signature issues or a late postmark.

That would add about 25 ballots, and bring Shoreline within about 102 needed valid ballots, so the 32nd District Democrats are going to be sig chasing door-to-door this weekend. They are going after all ballots, not just folks with a reasonable Dem score, because in this case, they don't need the ballot to contain a "yes" vote. They just need the ballot to be counted.

So, I hope you will join me in ballot chasing for the 32nd District Democrats in Shoreline this weekend.  Many hands will make light work!

Julie Anne Kempf

Chair, 46Dems