Week 4 Fighting 46th Organizing Challenge!

I’m a Kenmore City Councilmember who is relatively new to politics. Before I ran for office, I didn’t know that my voice could make a difference, or that there was a place for it to be heard. Through joining the 46th I’ve learned my voice matters and there are people in our community who are working very hard on behalf of our district to bring forward winning Democratic candidates and policies. The 46th provided me with the support I needed to win my race for City Council. We all need to participate in our democracy at the local level to ensure our core values of environmental stewardship, climate action, accessible healthcare for all, social services, and educational needs are met locally and nationally. You make a difference here. Your voice matters and we want to hear it. - Kenmore City Councilmember Melanie O'Cain


Four weeks in and we are really picking up speed. If you haven't plugged in yet we still have 6 more weeks of the Fighting 46th Organizing Challenge and it's anyone's game! 

Want a great way to connect with Democrats in your neighborhood? Join our phonebank! We have identified a list of reliably strong democratic voters who share our values and support our candidates, the only things they are missing is you! You reaching you and making the "ask." Maybe a friendly invitation to one of our meetings is just the bridge they need from being a democratic supporter to being a card carrying member of the Democratic Party? 

There are two ways to participate in the phonebank: 

1. Join whenever you have some spare time! It is always available so you can make a few calls at your own convenience. Every call counts and no effort is too small. 

2. Join us for office hours and make calls "together" over zoom, even though we can't all physically be together at this time. New to phonebanking or have a question? Drop in any time during the office hours window and one of our experienced volunteers will show you the ropes. This week office hours are TODAY, Sunday March 28th from 2pm - 4pm. 

Keep up the great work!

Team 46th