Weekly GOTV Phone Bank and Yard Sign Distribution

We are 53 days away from November 3rd, Election Day. And importantly in Washington, we are only 33 days until ballots are mailed out. Here in the 46thLD, maximizing turnout is key to bringing progressive change to our state. Whether it’s returning our excellent delegation in the legislature or bringing big vote totals for state wide offices and initiatives, what happens in the 46th LD is crucial. Every vote is vital, and from now until Election Day, every day is important. We need to be both seen and heard!

First off: being heard! Because of the on-going COVID-19 outbreak, we are re-focusing our voter outreach from canvassing in-person to phone-banking. We’ll be able to reach more voters this way, while keeping our community safe. So while our PCOs will be calling their precincts as ballots drop to maximize turnout, we are also teaming up with the Washington State Democrats for a weekly phonebank from now to the election every Monday. We will be hosting a concurrent Zoom for training, real-time help, and to foster community for our local activists. Below are the relevant registration links for both the Zoom and the phonebank. Make sure to sign-up for both.

And make sure to check out our website calendar for the other phonebanks as well.

And secondly: being seen! There is an old adage that yard signs don’t vote. While technically true, it is important that we do what we can as a district within our borders to make sure our neighbors have that visual reminder, even in strange times, that it is election season and we all have to vote! So again to keep our community safe, we have built a distribution system for Yard Signs! You simply sign up that you are interested in any of our available yard signs and we’ll reach out to you straight away to arrange for either no-contact delivery or pick-up from one of our neighborhood sign distribution locations.

Lastly, we are still looking for volunteers in the 46th for all the outreach efforts that are upcoming, so if you haven’t yet filled out the sign-up form, you can do so here: GOTV Form.

In Solidarity,

Marty Ross
Vice Chair, 46th LD Democrats