Would you like to be a 2020 Convention Delegate?

We would like to extend an invitation to each of you to run for delegate to the 2020 Washington State Democratic Convention and also possibly taking the next step to run for delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention!



As Democrats, we know that the strength of our party comes from all of the wide, varied, and diverse people in the communities that make up the 46th, and we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to help shape the future of our party.

You have all been doing the work to help elect Democrats within our district, across the state, and the country, and now is your chance to be a part of shaping the Democratic Party itself.

To be qualified for Delegate from our Legislative District, you need only be a registered voter in the 46th District who is willing to publicly identify as a Democrat.  A pre-registered voter who will be 18 years old on or before November 3, 2020 is also eligible!  If you need to register to vote, or transfer your registration to a new address, you can do so at this link:  Register to Vote Online in Washington

Washington State Democratic Convention and Congressional District Caucuses:

Due to the threat of COVID-19, our process for electing our delegation to the state convention has been moved from an in-person legislative district caucus on April 26th, to an online selection process.  You can sign up to be a delegate at this link:  waelectioncenter.com

To get ready to fill out your candidate for delegate profile, it’s easiest if you gather some pieces of your profile first.  You will be asked to upload a candidate statement (why you are running), a photo, your candidate preference (Biden or Sanders), and to fill out some demographic details.

Delegates elected from the Legislative District to the state level have the opportunity to vote in the following:

  • The online CD caucus at the end of May, where they vote for delegates to the Democratic National Convention.
  • The Washington State Democratic Convention currently scheduled for June 12-14, 2020 in Tacoma, where they vote on the state platform and other party business.

If COVID-19 precautions continue into June, there is the possibility that some or all of the convention elements might be moved online, or moved to a later date, but delegates will still have a vital role to play in the crafting and approval of the state platform.

Both Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders have received delegates in our legislative district and across the state.  Sen. Sanders retains his delegates in our process, so we need folks who are interested in running to represent both candidates.

Here in the 46th LD, we have 54 delegates and 27 alternate positions to fill for state convention, so it is crucial that we get the word out to interested candidates. We appreciate your help in doing so!

Candidates for delegate must register online by April 24, 2020. Delegates will be elected by precinct committee officers from each LD between April 26 and May 3, and those elected will be notified within days thereafter.


Democratic National Convention:

At present, the national convention is planned to take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, August 17 - 20, 2020. Any Democrat who is a registered voter can run for national delegate!

National convention delegates will have the opportunity vote for the Democratic presidential nominee and the Democratic National Committee's platform.

It's an incredible opportunity to meet fellow Democrats, make a political impact, and represent your community on the state and national level.

For additional information, visit waelectioncenter.com


We are planning additional emails in the next couple of weeks to explain the process of running for delegate and to answer any questions candidates may have.

If you have any questions about the process, please ask away or send us an email at: [email protected]